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Transcribe! Affiliate Program

We do have an affiliate program. If you promote Transcribe! on your website or by other means then you can earn 30% of the value of sales generated as a result. Our online sales are handled by our distributor 2Checkout/Avangate so if you want to be a Transcribe! affiliate then you must register with the 2Checkout/Avangate Affiliate Network. On that page you can read about how it works.

Sign up with 2Checkout/Avangate

1) Go to and fill in the form. 2Checkout/Avangate will give you an affiliate number.

2) Logon to the 2Checkout/Avangate affiliate system at and click on "Affiliate Programs - Find Partners/Products" in the left column. In the "Find Partners - Search" box, type "Seventh String" and press "Search" This should find Seventh String Software as a Vendor, and you can "Request partnership" : it will immediately tell you this has been automatically approved. If you search for "transcribe" then you should now find our three products (Transcribe! for Windows, Mac and Linux) listed as an "Active Partnership".

3) You also need to set up the payment information. I believe they can pay in USD or EURO. If you are paid by wire transfer or check and your account is not in the same currency then your bank will probably charge you a fee for changing the money. One solution is to use PayPal. Or, set the "Minimum balance" to a higher figure so you will be paid less frequently but in larger amounts. Of course you can check the Reports section any time to see what is happening. The totals shown in the Reports section do not include local taxes paid by the customer (such as VAT) because these taxes go directly to the relevant tax authorities and you don't get a percentage of that. So for a single copy order the total is $39 and the affiliate commission is $11.70 ($39 @ 30%).

2Checkout/Avangate also insist on holding the money for more than a month before paying out. This is unfortunately necessary because there are crooks who register as affiliates, then make large orders using credit cards, collect their affiliate percentage, and then charge back the credit card orders claiming that the card had been stolen.

If you have any questions about payments and other aspects of the 2Checkout/Avangate affiliate system then try the big "Support Online" button. I tried it and found myself in immediate online chat with a helpful person, I was impressed.

You can find their company information at

Once you have signed up with 2Checkout/Avangate

2Checkout/Avangate have a cookie based system for tracking affiliate referrals. You use special links which will take the user to the Transcribe! information page on the Seventh String site, but which also place an 2Checkout/Avangate cookie on their machine. The existence of this cookie means that if they buy, the sale will be attributed to you by the 2Checkout/Avangate system. The 2Checkout/Avangate Affiliate Network site has tools to construct suitable links for you.

Once you have joined the 2Checkout/Avangate Affiliate Network and are registered as a partner for our three products (Transcribe! for Windows, Mac and Linux) then it's just a matter of placing appropriate links on your site. So on the 2Checkout/Avangate affiliate site you should select "Get links", then where it says "Partner... Seventh String Software" click on "Vendor details". This gets you a page with "Get Product Links". For "Link type" select "Vendor website", "Order template" as "default", and leave "Your link source" blank. Linking to "Vendor website" is best because then you only need one link - it doesn't matter whether Windows, Mac or Linux because the website is the same. You will see that the link says "ACCOUNT=SEVSTR" meaning that it applies to all three Seventh String products on the 2Checkout/Avangate system, as opposed to e.g. "PRODS=649328" which would be just the Windows version. Linking to our website (rather than e.g. the shopping cart) also has the advantage that it gives the user a chance to download the free trial if they want to. Here is an example - you can see the html of the link if you "View source" of this page. You would need to change the affiliate number to your own of course.

Example: Click here for information about Transcribe!

Note 1: The address used to be but has now changed to Either will work fine.

Note 2: The bit after "PATH=" is the page the user will be taken to and can be any page you like. The example just given goes to the Seventh String home page but you could equally well specify or any other page. Just remember that in the html the slash character would be written as %2F.
Here is an example which links to the Transcribe! overview page.
Here is an example which links to the Transcribe! download page.

Note 3: If you use the link generated on the 2Checkout/Avangate site rather than copying our example just above, then you will notice that their link is slightly longer than our example because it adds an "AFFILIATE=???" query string to the link address. This is not needed but does no harm.

What you should actually put on your site

The basic idea, obviously, is to tell people how wonderful Transcribe! is, and to provide special links (as described above) to any or all of the Overview/Download/Buy pages on our site. Use your own words to describe what's good about Transcribe!, and emphasize the features you think are most likely to interest the people who visit your site.

Please check with me if you want to use material copied from my site onto yours : naturally I am happy for you to promote Transcribe! but I would not want the user to get the impression that they are on the official Seventh String site when in fact they aren't. I feel it's usually better anyway - more convincing - if people make up their own text instead of copying it from the official site. Use my screenshots if you like. It's better to copy them to your own web site rather than linking to my copies.

It's a good idea to mention the 30 day free trial : this encourages them to investigate further, and it's good if they do try it first. Otherwise I get an increased support burden from people who buy the software and then discover it doesn't do what they thought (perhaps they imagined it would do the transcribing for them). The evaluation period is an important filter for getting rid of people who would otherwise be asking me silly support questions and/or demanding refunds.

There are some Transcribe! banners you can use on This Page. If you do use one then please copy it to your site (right-click the image and Save) rather than linking to it on mine, as its location may change.


Please be aware that you should probably not expect to make a lot of money. Transcribe! is a low cost product aimed at a small niche market, so total sales are not that enormous anyway. Also remember that there is a time-lag of up to a month between download and sale, because of the free trial period. So no matter how busy your site is, it will take up to a month to see significant sales.

Please do not use spam to promote your site and/or Transcribe!. By that I mean unsolicited emails, or "advertisement" postings to discussion groups, or other forms of spam. Naturally I am very happy to see people recommending Transcribe! in discussion groups. But members of such groups are very sensitive to the difference between a recommendation from a fellow member of the group, and an advertisement... people can always tell. Or nearly always. I am unhappy about such tactics as people might think Seventh String Software was responsible, which would damage our reputation.

I reserve the right to refuse to make an affiliate arrangement if I choose, and to terminate an affiliate arrangement at any time if I choose. In either case I would of course notify you. You can also terminate such an arrangement any time, simply by removing Transcribe! materials from your website and closing your Avangate account.

Email me,, if you have any questions or if you have set your site up and would like me to check it for you.