Seventh String Software

Transcribe! History - version 8.40 Release Notes, released 4 Feb 2014

Transcribe! version 8.40 for Windows Mac and Linux.

Note that the Mac version requires OS 10.6 or later.
We are keeping 8.21.3 for Mac available for those who are
running earlier versions of Mac OS.

There are no massive new features here, but a number of small
improvements and fixes.

-- Export Split Sound/Video : there is now a "Measure marker
ends split track" checkbox. It used to be the case that a measure
marker would always end a split track but this can be a nuisance
if you have already placed lots of measure markers.

-- Marker dragging: if you hold down the command key (control, on
Windows/Linux) as you release the mouse button then you can move
multiple markers. If there is a selection and you drag a marker
which is in that selection, then you will drag just the markers
in that selection. Otherwise you drag them all.

-- There is now a separate volume control for cue/review in
Preferences - Playback. Set the slider to maximum to get the same
as the normal playback volume. However it is often preferable to
have cue/review be a bit quieter.

-- Timeline - added finer divisions than one second, when there
is room.

-- Added Preferences - General - Mouse Wheel Sensitivity setting.
This is particularly useful with the Mac "magic mouse" which can
be hyper-sensitive to the mouse wheel sometimes.

-- When editing the text of a text block, you now get the correct
font, the same font that it will be displayed with.

*** Video Viewer

-- Added "Vertical Flip" to the Video Viewer (on the Video Viewer
"View" menu). This is for guitarists and possibly others: Vertical
Flip can present you with the same view of the fingerboard that you
have yourself when playing : when you watch a guitarist playing,
the highest pitched string is the lowest in your field of view. But
when you play and look at the fingerboard, the highest pitched string
is the highest in your field of view.

-- In the Video Viewer if you held down a keyboard shortcut (which
you might well do e.g. with 'c'ue or 'r'eview) then you could get
a backlog of keystrokes which would take a while to clear. This
should now be fixed.

-- Some videos have always played jerkily and the best solution is
to change the video encoding. However I hope some of these problem
videos may now play better than before.

*** Mac

-- Fixed (I hope) a bug causing crash-on-launch for a very small
number of Mac users.

-- fixed a very rare bug causing T! to report a "recursive yield".
AFAIK it only affected Mac and then only as a result of a very
specific scenario involving videos and scripts.

*** Linux

-- On Linux, the aspect ratio would be displayed wrongly on some
videos. Hopefully this is now fixed.

-- Linux 64 bit: fixed a bug preventing keyboard shortcuts from
working in the Video Viewer.

-- Linux : fixed a problem with some videos which would stop loading
the audio near the end and jam up, getting no more data.

-- Linux: increased height of little yellow pop-up boxes which
apparently were too small (bottom line goes missing) on some
window managers.

-- Various other minor bugfixes and changes.