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Transcribe! History - version 8.64 Release Notes, released 3 Sept 2016

This is a bugfix update, to fix a number of fairly minor issues reported for 8.62. Sorry about that, but 8.6 has big changes in the technologies used so it hasn't surprised me too much that some issues slipped past our initial testing.

Transcribe! 8.64 for Windows requires Windows 10 (we are keeping version 8.40 available for people running older versions of Windows).
Transcribe! 8.64 for Mac requires OS 10.10 or later (we are keeping version 8.41 available for people running older versions of Mac OS).


Windows: mp3 files which used to load instantly were taking a few seconds to load. They should now be back to their usual rapid load speed.

Fixed anomalies in directions of scrolling, particularly when using sideways two-finger scrolls on a touchpad, and when using "Scroll direction: natural" on a Mac.

Mac: we've reduced sensitivity to mouse wheel scrolling and two-finger scrolling on the touchpad (because it seemed rather too sensitive). If you have in the past adjusted Preferences - Mouse Wheel Sensitivity then you may need to go to Preferences and turn it back up a bit. The default setting is 10.

Affecting only a small number of people: Mac & 64-bit Linux would produce a "wxWidgets Debug Alert" at launch (caused by faulty data in the Preferences file). Should be fixed.

Linux: removed dependency on Wayland so it should run out of the box on distros such as Gentoo & OpenSuse which by default compile GTK without Wayland support.

Mac: fixed a problem where under some circumstances some text displays in the Fx dialog would be too narrow and would truncate the text.