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Transcribe! History - version 8.71.2 Release Notes, released 16 April 2018

This is a very minor bugfix release for Mac only.

Transcribe! for Mac has been 64-bit since version 8.6. If you look in Apple menu - About this Mac - System Report then OS 10.10 says it is 64-bit, however on OS 10.12 or OS 10.13 it says it isn't.

This is because unfortunately I forgot to update Transcribe's info.plist file which therefore still said that it is 32-bit, so creating a contradiction.

If you launch Transcribe 8.6 or later, then run Applications - Utilities - Activity Monitor, click on the line showing Transcribe in Activity Monitor, click on the "gear" icon at the upper left and select "Sample Process", in the resulting sample window you will see "Code Type: X86-64". So it really is 64-bit.

Apple are in the process of dropping support for 32-bit Mac applications. As far as I know Transcribe will have no problem with the changes Apple are making (because it is really 64-bit).

However I am aware that it is rather disturbing to have the Mac telling you that Transcribe is not 64-bit, so this update fixes the issue.