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Transcribe! History - version 8.71 Release Notes, released 4 Jan 2018

This release has some significant enhancements, and some bug fixes.

The Windows version requires Windows 10.
The Mac version requires macOS 10.10 or later.
For the Linux version, see the Download page on the website for details.

As usual, it is free to existing users.


- We've added a new feature, the "Loop Line", which appears in the main transcription window. "Show Loop Line" on the View menu will display the "Loop Line" above the profile and also in the Navigation Bar if this is shown. The loop line displays the same positions and loops that you see on the Misc page of the Fx window, but it can be more convenient to access them this way. You can click the loop line to select a loop or right-click (control-click on Mac) to create, edit, and delete loops (using a popup menu).
If you would like the loop line to appear by default in new transcriptions then please see this FAQ "How can I set defaults for the appearance of new transcriptions?".

- New command LoopStoreInsert - this stores the current position and selection as a loop in the list on the Misc page of the Fx window. It creates a new loop and inserts it in sorted order into the existing list of loops. The "New Loop From Selection" command in the popup menu of the Loop Line uses this command, but you can also program a keyboard command if you want to.

- You can now use the mouse wheel for scrolling the list of stored loops on the Misc page of the Fx window.

- Mac: on some (not all) macOS versions some USB microphones (e.g. Logitech AK5370) would not work with Transcribe!'s Record New Sound File command. This should now be fixed.

- Optional fat play position indicator for better visibility. See Preferences - Playback.

- The Speed Up command on the Play menu can now be told to measure in seconds instead of in repeats. This means that you spend an equal amount of time at each speed, rather than having an equal number of repeats at each speed.

- We've added a compressor/limiter to prevent 16-bit overload distortion if you turn up the volume or EQ too high. It's on by default, in Preferences - Playback. When compression is operating, it will appear as a red line under the volume slider in the lower toolbar.

- Added a "Reposition this Window" command on the Window menu, for if the window is too big, or off screen, or whatever.

- Removed the click at start of notes played on Transcribe's piano keyboard.

- Mac OS 10.12 and later: removed the "Show Tab Bar" command from the View menu. This was not used by Transcribe! and should never have appeared.

- Mac: the File Open dialog now remembers correctly what type of file you last opened (e.g. "Sound files" or "All files").

- Raised the limit on script file size from 100kB to 1MB - yes someone complained it was too low!

- Various other minor improvements and bugfixes.