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Seventh String Software is based in London, England.

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Seventh String Ltd, 166 College Road, Harrow, Middlesex, HA1 1RA, UK

Please do NOT send orders or payments to this address. Please talk to FastSpring (our distributor) for all issues about orders and payment. You will find contact information for FastSpring in the "Tracking Your Order" section near the bottom of this page:

Privacy Statement

What information do we have about you and what do we do with it

If you are on our Seventh String News mailing list then we have your email address and use it for the purpose of sending occasional news emails to you, usually to announce an update to Transcribe!. You can remove yourself from this list by replying "unsubscribe" to any email from the list, or at any time by emailing with your unsubscribe request. In order to guard against mistakes, a single email will be sent to the unsubscribed address, to confirm that it has been unsubscribed. Click here for more information about the mailing list.

If you have bought a Transcribe! license then we have the order details (your name, address, email etc) though not your full payment details (such as payment card number) because payments are handled by our distributor - see below. We keep this information out of legal necessity as it represents a contract between us.

We regard information provided by customers (names, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers etc, and indeed the fact that they have bought Transcribe! at all) as confidential.

This doesn't mean that we would never discuss such information with anyone at all, it means that we use our judgement just as we all do with confidential information. For instance if the tax authorities want to see our orders database then they can, though we would resist any attempt to take a copy. Or if an interesting issue arises in email conversation then we might show the correspondence to a trusted third party, for a second opinion. We also sometimes use brief extracts from emails of praise, quoted anonymously on the website.

This does mean that we don't make personally identifiable information available anywhere public and we don't give it to anyone for any purpose other than Seventh String's own business. In particular we don't use email addresses for sending spam and wouldn't consider giving them to anyone who does.

When you buy Transcribe! then the people who handle the payments (Regsoft or SWREG or 2Checkout/Avangate in the past, now FastSpring) also have your details. You should visit their website if you want to see their privacy policy.