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If you want to use Transcribe! beyond the free evaluation period then you must buy it. This page is where you can do this. The "Buy Now" buttons below will take you to the site of 2Checkout/Avangate, the distributor which handles Transcribe! sales for Seventh String.

When you buy Transcribe! you will receive a "License Key" by email. You can then copy the key into Transcribe! which will then run without time-limit. You don't need to download or install the program again.

Please note that we don't distribute anything physical in the post. It's up to you to download the software from the download page. It doesn't matter whether you do this before or after you buy it, though in fact most people download first in order to use the free trial period. If you have any difficulty downloading (perhaps the machine on which you want to run Transcribe! doesn't have an internet connection) then see the FAQ for solutions.

Transcribe! is priced in US dollars, $39 for a single copy. At the moment this is approximately equivalent to 35 euros. The 2Checkout/Avangate site should display the price converted to your currency at the current rate, and anyway there is a dropdown box where you can select the currency to display. Prices shown in currencies other than USD may not be accurate to the penny as rates change from moment to moment.

If you are ordering multiple copies for an organisation such as a university, a music college, or a company, then the per-copy price is lower if you order multiple copies at the same time, as follows (on the order form if you change the "quantity" field, you should click the "Update cart" button, to update the display).

Please note that multiple-copy orders are for a situation where one person or organisation is in control of all the copies. If licenses are required for multiple separate individuals, then each must make their own order.

1 copy $39
2 - 4 copies $31
5 - 19 copies $25
20 - 99 copies $20
100 or more copies $15

Local taxes will be added where applicable, depending on your location. If you are in the European Union then you will be charged VAT. You will see any such charge clearly itemised when you make the order.

You can pay by credit/debit card, wire transfer, PayPal, purchase order.
You are buying from our distributors 2Checkout/Avangate so you will see the name "2co" on your card statement.

Please make sure to select the correct version for your computer as licenses are not transferable between Windows/Mac/Linux.
Transcribe! for Windows
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Transcribe! for Macintosh
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Transcribe! for Linux
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If you want to order a mixture of OS's (e.g. one Windows license and one Mac license) then you can still get the volume discount : please visit this page.

Please keep a note of your order number in case you need to make any query about it later.

Tracking Your Order

As mentioned above, you are in fact buying from 2Checkout/Avangate Inc. who are our distributors. Once you have placed your order you should receive within a few minutes an "Online order confirmation" email. This means that your order has been received but does not necessarily mean that the payment has yet been processed.

Always check your Junk email folder if you think an email hasn't arrived.

We don't send anything physical in the post (as already mentioned above).

When the payment and the order are processed you will receive two more emails : one containing a receipt and the other containing your license key.

If there is a delay in receiving these then this may be caused by some delay in processing the payment.

Click here to track your order on the 2Checkout/Avangate system.

You can also contact 2Checkout/Avangate directly with any question about your order.
Email: for issues about payments.
Email: for other enquiries. However enquiries about the software itself should come to me
24/7 hotline for order and payment related issues:
International: +31 88 000 0008
USA/Canada: +1 650 963 5701 / 888 247 1614

If your question is still unresolved, you can email me and I will look into it.