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Some extracts from Transcribe! reviews and emails from users

There are a very large number of user testimonials below, all genuine - that's because Transcribe! has been around since 1999 and has been continuously improved and updated during all that time. I keep adding more as people send nice compliments, because why not, I hope to persuade you by sheer weight of numbers that you should try it.

Magazines, Reviews, and other online praise, March 2022, Reviewed by Hayden Hill

"The Transcribe! software is an invaluable aid for anyone learning the art of jazz piano. The interface is clean and intuitive and the software is packed with useful features such as chord approximations and note visualisations which greatly speed up the transcription process. Transcription is a core part of our syllabus at PianoGroove and Transcribe! is always the first transcription app that I recommend to our students"

Sound On Sound Magazine, July 2020, interview with Steve Ouimette

"I also use a program called Transcribe from Seventh String Software that does the karaoke trick as well as slows down tracks, has built-in EQ choices for isolating frequencies and also has a handy tuner in it so you can get the track to concert pitch if they sped it up in mastering. Sometimes a track will come in that's slightly sharp or flat - mostly sharp - so that helps to tune it."
Here is a screenshot

Berklee College Of Music, August 2019

Berklee College Of Music list Transcribe! in the "Software Requirements" section for their "Music Technology for Guitarists" course.
Pages like this tend to move around so here is a screenshot from 2nd August 2019

Guitar Player magazine, May 2019, article by Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck)
"I had a gig with [keyboardist] Jeff Lorber where some parts were originally written on keyboards, which made them slightly awkward to play on guitar. I put them into Seventh String Software's Transcribe!, taking on four bars at a time at a lethargic 25-percent speed, and soon I was able to play the parts flawlessly. Also, a mix can play tricks on your hearing. So in Transcribe! I often use the Bass Remove preset and the Karaoke Mode - which drops out the center track, and is great for zeroing in on chord parts."

Review by Mark Marshall, June 2018
Making some interesting comparisons with a certain other transcription-oriented program.
"Transcribe! could possibly be one of the most important tools in your guitar growth."

Guitar World, May 2015, Review by Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck)
"There are a lot of cheap slow downer apps for tablets and smart phones, but they don't begin to touch the power of this program."

Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper), Jan 2015

This was at but doesn't seem to be online any more.
"If there's anything I have a hard time figuring out, I use a program called Transcribe! which has been a huge help for me in the last few years. I seriously can't recommend it highly enough."

Steve Khan (and indirectly Michael Brecker), 2014
"I am never shy, when needing some help to hear something more clearly, about turning to Andy Robinson's brilliant program called "Transcribe!" which, years ago, Michael recommended to me."

School Band and Orchestra Magazine, July 2012, Review by John Kuzmich
"Without hesitation, Transcribe! is the most popular piece of transcription software in the field. This program slows down the recording while retaining the original key and can loop a solo repeatedly using a foot pedal controller to simplify the process. It will even allow users to transcribe videos. Transcribe! is available for both PC and Mac platforms and is easy to use, much like an analog recorder with enhanced audio playback options.", April 2012, Review by Steve Nixon
"Transcribe has a ton of useful features for musicians trying to learn music from recordings. It's an essential tool for learning jazz."

FindMySoft, March 2012, Review by George Norman
"With its user friendly interface and numerous powerful features, Transcribe! makes it very easy to transcribe music."

MyMac, June 2011, Review by Mark Sealey
"Transcribe! is really successful and elegant piece of software that does what it's designed to do very well on every front; it is a real boon to serious musicians."

Bass Player (USA), March 2011, Transcription Tip by Brian Fox
"I rely on two key pieces of software: Transcribe! [] and Sibelius 5 []... I encourage you to download a demo version of Transcribe! to see if it works for you."

Guitar Player (USA), Dec 2010, interview with Dweezil Zappa
"How do you learn [Frank's] tunes for the set? Do you read, or do you figure them out by ear?"
"I'm not a good reader so I just listen. We use Seventh String's Transcribe! software to slow things down."

MusicEdMagic, April 2009, interview with Jeff Arnold who is the editor for guitar music at Hal Leonard Publishing
"The most common program is Transcribe. All the editors have it on their office systems. I use it every time when editing with a recording."

Cool Tools, Jan 2009
"I've tried a number of programs that let you manually control the speed of a tune without changing the pitch. I have to say without reservation that Transcribe! is the clear winner." ... "I just couldn't believe how difficult other programs make this process. Transcribe! just works."

Language Documentation & Conservation Volume 3, Number 2 (December 2009), reviewed by Linda Barwick, University of Sydney

This review is about using Transcribe! for transcribing speech.
PDF version
"Because of the potential for foot pedal control, ease of navigation within the file, and the very good quality of the digital signal processing, especially the "slowing down while maintaining pitch" feature, it will also be useful to almost anyone who needs to transcribe accurately from recordings-that means linguists, oral historians, etc."
"Pros: Very effective digital signal processing (DSP), programmable foot pedal control, email list for communication with developer.
Cons: None."

Linux Journal online, Dec 2007, "Commercial Sound And Music Software For Linux" by Dave Phillips
"Transcribe! is well-written, well-supported reasonably priced commercial Linux audio software that fills a particularly useful niche. Highly recommended."

Pat Metheny, Feb 2007

Pat Metheny recommends Transcribe! - visit his site, click on "Community - Pat Recommends" and see the entry for February 14, 2007 where he describes Transcribe! version 7.40 as "An amazing tool for musicians with a few really interesting new features".

Bass Player (USA), March 2006
"Transcribe! is one of the handiest helpers you'll find. The powerful software, which opens most digital audio files, is ideal for working out hard-to-hear passages"

Guitar Player, November 2005, "Field Test" by Jude Gold

"...accurately deciphering some of Rhoads' fastest guitar passages was downright impossible. The solution? Seventh String Software's Transcribe!" . . . "this slick piece of code converts any mp3 or audio file into a digital waveform that can be manipulated in a variety of ways. The program's best attribute is that its slowed down audio, though not perfect, is extremely clear at half speed."

Michael Brecker, Aug 2004

Michael Brecker (who sadly is no longer with us) has given his permission for us to quote him : "I use Transcribe! to assist with the process of transcribing. It is a great piece of software and I would recommend it to every musician."

Vintage Guitar, July 2003, by Riley Wilson (Gigmeister)
"Answer to Transcription Woes" . . . "a wonderful tool for learning solos" . . . "Fidelity on playback is another critical area where Transcribe! really delivers. I've used SlowBlast and tried the Amazing Slow Downer, and their sound on playback is often grainy and distorted. Not so with Transcribe!" . . . "this is an incredible program"

Electronic Musician, June 2003, by Len Sasso
"If you like to learn by playing along with audio examples, Transcribe! is a must-have download."

Dr. Dobb's Journal (USA), December 2002, by Al Stevens

"a program I found that I cannot live without" . . . "Transcribe! is cool because it does what I have needed for years and it does what some people say can't be done"

The Guardian (UK), 14 March 2002, by Peter Forbes

"enables you to analyse the chords at any point" . . . "Transcribe! is a powerful music tool"

MacUser magazine (UK), June 2001, rating 4.5 out of 5

This was at but doesn't seem to be online any more.
"Transcribe! performs better than most" . . . "The elegance of the Transcribe! interface pervades the program" . . . "It's an excellent tool for musicians"

Some emails from users - all genuine I promise

"thank you for this incredibly helpful tool. I have been using it for several years now and it is a great help in learning guitar...."

"Love this tool!!! I use it often."

"I have used and enjoyed Transcribe! for many years. What a practical and valuable program!"

"I love your software. I transcribe a lot of music and put it into in Sibelius."

"Once again, thanks for Transcribe, a blessing, I use it daily, even as a producer using Logic Pro."

"First of all, thank you for the job you've been doing buy making Transcribe : as a professional guitarist this is one of my best tool for working the instrument and transcribing music sets for gigs."

"Thank you for the service!"

"I've been using Transcribe for many years. It's the best out there."

"Awesome customer service. And I love Transcribe!"

"I purchased your software many many years ago and have turned many people onto it. I think there is no comparison out there."

"I want to express my thanks for Transcribe!. I was told about it by a fellow bandmate. Since I am the de facto musical director for the group and write all the charts, it has been invaluable to me."

"your program is AWESOME, indispensable- I use it daily, and recommend it often."

"Big fan of transcribe, I use it all the time and recommend it often."

"Thank thank thank you very much for your help. Now it's working."

"I have been using your incredible software for several years, and I absolutely love it!"

"I'm using this amazing tool every Day"

"i purchased transcribe in 2001 or 2002 and have used it every day since. what a bargain!!! it's my favourite software."

"I'm a huge fan of the software and have found it absolutely invaluable as a musician. It really is the best software of its kind out there."

"I am a long time user of your excellent program. Thank you for putting so much into Transcribe! at such a reasonable price. Your program has helped me break through so many barriers. I wish I had discovered it 20 years ago."

"I'm a huge fan of Transcribe, and have been using it forever.. for hundreds of hours"

"I have to compliment you on your software, I use it daily for work and it's phenomenal!"

"Thank you!! It meens lot to me! I will use your software with great care and cause!"

"thank you very much for creating this marvelous program. I've been using it for years and for me (a saxophone player) it's the best!"

"Thank you for Transcribe. The software is amazing and really means a lot to me and my friends around!"

"First let me say thank you for making such a wonderful tool. I'm a hobbyist musician (bass) that plays for fun, and Transcribe! has helped me figure out songs and learn them by slowing them down and getting up to speed over time. It's wonderful!"

"Thank you. And thank for this very amazing App"

"As a long time Transcribe user, I will say it has-been the most useful software tool I have ever used. Thank you so much. It has enabled me to Transribe 5 string banjo solos that previously I would never even attempted. I'm now using it on dobro parts and the most difficult is the E9 pedal steel."

"Thank you very spring for your really fast really, great! Your tool is damn good."

"Been using your software for years and have brought many people aboard :-) we appreciate you :-)"

"Transcribe is still the best tool out there by the way. It is the benchmark by which other offerings can be judged, and even though Guitar Pro could be used to transcribe it is not a dedicated transcription tool like "Transcribe" and cannot provide synched video. I find "Transcribe" invaluable for using with some of the guitar courses I have where the original video is often too fast to really see the finger placement."

"I love transcribe, and could not be without it. I'm a fiddle player and regularly need to revisit old tunes with Transcribe. I have over 500 tunes that I use with Transcribe."

"Love your app! I use it to transcribe all my music in finale."

"It's a great program, and your support is fantastic."

"Transcribe is amazing, I use it almost every day for practice."

"I'm a huge fan of Transcribe! and recommend it all the time to other musicians."

"I am just writing to compliment you on an excellent piece of software, which I have just purchased, and to say thank you. I have been playing guitar for almost 50 years, and I have always looked for ways to use technology to aid in study and learning. This is one of the best-designed and user-friendly products I have ever seen."

"It worked. Thanks so much for your support. Highly appreciated. I love the software, so glad it exists."

"Use Transcribe! virtually every day and no tool out there has helped me become a better musician in my mind. Thank you for that."

"I am writing to you today because I am a very old user of Transcribe which is litterally my best friend!"

"Just a shout out of appreciation. I've been using Transcribe! for years and keep discovering gems. Just discovered I could use my midi foot controller while practicing. Worth every penny."

"Congratulations on a wonderful product."

"Many, many thanks for Transcribe!"

"Such a great App and easy to use and install."

"I've been using Transcribe! for just about 2 years nows, having switched over from Amazing Slow Downer which I had used for a number of years. I just moved to a new computer and it could not have been easier. Add that to the many reasons why I selected Transcribe! Simply no comparison."

"Great programme, luv it and recommend it to all my saxophone students.."

"Transcribe is one of my best programs. I often use it for about twenty years."

"After all these years, I still use your exceptional app every day"

"I have been a happy user of Transcribe! for many years, and I very much appreciate the continuing development."

"You're a legend! This is still the best transcription tool out there."

"I keep loving your Transcribe!"

"I adore your software and use it very often. It offers everything I need."

"I'm a long-time user of Transcribe! I love the app."

"Your program is so amazing, and I really can't imagine going back to hitting play, pause, rewind... on a cd player ever again."

"I say again, thank you for this application. It's made a world of difference in how I approach my music. And I'm learning new capabilities of your software each time I use it."

"I wanted to first check on the CRUCIAL software I use frequently, and Transcribe! definitely fits the description of "crucial" for me."

"Great! Thank you so much! And thank you for writing such a useful utility. I use your software all the time - including this morning, as a matter of fact. Haha!"

"Thank you so much for always being prompt and staying true."

"I find your software VERY useful."

"Transcribe is the best out there!!"

"Thanks for your help, that fixed it!! I'm really enjoying this program."

"I like Transcribe very much and I use it all the time."

"I'm a guitar teacher from Germany teaching in a private lesson setting and I love Transcribe!"

"I am a big fan of your program and am very grateful for all the ease of learning it has given me."

"Awesome program. Excellent service."

"I love Transcribe. Thank you for all the work you have put into it."

"It is so great. Thank you for creating this amazing software! ... I think it is incredibly user friendly and really ideal for what I need it for."

"Your product is awesome! this just gives me another reason to be happy with chosing the right product and company to work with."

"I probably have at least 4 other ways to slow files down etc, including pro tools and Logic. But TRAnscribe is just so set up for what its meant to do- Its works great, does the job, etc. THANKS"

"Thanks, Awesome support!"

"since ever I'm using your wonderful, double plus plus bene ben superbene wooooow App. What a tool!!!"

"I'm an old customer but I just want to say again how much Transcribe has helped me with my various music projects."

"Many thanks for your amazing work developing and maintaining Transcribe! It is incredibly useful, and I would be lost without it."

"thank youfort he tremendous program, I use it for years now!"


"It's impressive that even after all these years you are actively responding to feedback and keep improving what is easily the best program for music practice."

"I can't begin to tell you what a great program and life saver your program Transcribe is..."

"Absolutely LOVE you're your Transcribe! Big cheers & thankyou from Australia"

"Thank you so much for all the work you do for us with Transcribe! It is a truly a wonderful program."

"I've been running Transcribe ever since I read that Dweezil Zappa article in Guitar Player years ago. It's the best. The only thing better than Transcribe is the way you keep improving it."

"Thank You so much for staying with and supporting your software. I use it often. It's rare to see this these days!"

"This rig blows tools like Tascam's GB10 right out of the water."

"I am a huge fan of your software and an even bigger fan of the great support you have provided!"

"Thank you and thanks for such a great piece of software. I use it almost daily for teaching and practicing and recommend it to all my students."

"I have been a long time Transcribe! (could it be 15 years at least already?) user on up-to-date Macs - and I love this brilliant piece of software that you provide."

"What a great resource. Thank you Andy - and thank you again for your beautiful product."

"Works great!!! Best program I ever purchased!!"

"Many thanks for the software and the prompt and helpful service."

"Seventh String really rocks."

"I love the software, by the way, it's uncommon to find programs that are both intuitive and fully featured. Thanks again!"

"I wanted to thank you and congratulate you for your excellent design decisions in Transcribe."

"Beautiful stuff! ... This will save hours."

"I use this every day!"

"Transcribe! is absolutely the most amazing software in the modern musician's catalog to date. I've used it so, so much in my musical journey, from little Bon Iver tunes to Giant Steps. You've crafted such a simple yet powerful tool that I really wish more people knew about (although I keep telling everyone I can!!)."

"LOVIN" transcribe! It makes my music & song learning come alive in front of me"

"I meant to let you know that your Transcribe probgam has helped me in more ways than anyone could imagine. One musician friend suggested I was cheating at learning music via your program. Little does he know, my ear training has greatly improved after being able to hear the most subtle notes by slowing and most importantly by correcting the recorded song to A-440 Hz."

"It has proved to be one of the most useful pieces of software that I've had the good fortune to possess."

"I want to thank you very much for this phantastic program. It helps me so much to learn to play the Saxophon."

"Sensational product mate!"

"I've been using Transcribe! for many years, and I wanted to tell you it's a great tool. I've found it extremely useful for learning songs, and for transcribing songs into notation (paired with Sibelius). I've used it to transcribe dozens of songs for myself, for other musicians, for my church choir, etc. It really makes the job so much easier!"

"this is an outstanding piece of software. We should all be grateful and appreciative."

"Transcribe! is my favorite guitar program by far!"

"It is worth every penny that I paid for it!!!! You are the best!!!"

"Love this software, been using it since I was a music student 8 years ago and still use it regularly to this day."

"I've been using your Software for years and absolutely love it for drumset transcription, orchestra play-alongs, and analyzing my own practice recordings."

"First of all, thank you for Transcribe. It is one of the most valuable items in my musical toolbox."

"Thanks once again for your truly wonderful program - it saves me _so_ much time with my transcribing! :-)"

"I have to tell you, this is some of the best money I've spent buying your program!! Many of my friends use Transcribe too. Some I've turned on to it and some that found it on their own."

"It is great to see Transcribe! improve in the little things as well, that's what makes a great experience! I'm still using it pretty much every day! :-)"

"It is such a valuable tool for learning new songs that I'm really stuck without it."

"I will take this time to say thank you for this great software! It's super useful and simple."

"That's brilliant and on a Sunday too! I continue to recommend Transcribe! to everyone likely to be interested"

"bought it years ago. it makes stuff so easy i have to hide it from my students until they have the fundamentals of practice/listening down before showing them this. I fear they would become TOO dependant on its speed changing and looping abilities."

"I use it CONSTANTLY for practicing loops for hard to play drum parts or to do the same when practicing along side a student. The EQ function allows me to roll off the high end so many ears last longer when repping for tens of minutes. OBVIOUSLY its ability to aid transcription has helped me. I have transcribed at least 100 songs at this point using it, on request of different students or just for myself, as I find learning technical stuff is much easier if its written out. A lot of drum tabs out there are garbage so I dont even bother with trying to follow someone elses... I am currently using it to transcribe The Incredits (jazzy epic from the movie The incredibles) and its high quality at slower speeds really helps me sift thru the wall of sound and lack of close mics on the drums. Other products like youtube have severe artifacting to the point where it would be useless under 90 percent speed to try to transcribe any song with anything but the most forefronted, close micced drums."

"I'm huge fan of Transcribe!, by the way. I discovered it 10 or 15 years ago and have used and enjoyed steadily ever since."

"Great product! Saves me boatloads of time when arranging!"

"First of all eternally thankful for such a software TRANSCRIBE! It's pure gold!"

"I absolutely love Transcribe! and use it on a near daily basis for both my personal music practice, as well as for teaching and producing my own musical content."

"Man, you guys are great Andy. Thanks for the quick response. Love your software!"

"Let me first congratulate you with Transcribe, been using it for many years now, it's a fantastic tool - speaking as a jazz fan, and eternal student..."

"I have really enjoyed using transcribe! It really is the best software for transcribing music, thank you!"

"I've been using Transcribe for over eight and a half years now, and I absolutely love it. Thank you!"

"I have been using transcribe for more than 12 years now, under Mac and Linux. By now, it is the *only* proprietary software I am still using, simply because I never found a good open source alternative."

"I've used your software for a few years now and I am a very happy user. Can't live without Transcribe! :)"

"I own Transcribe! Great program for learning stuff."

"Many thanks for a great piece of software!"

"I'm writing to tell you that I'm highly enjoying Transcribe!"

"BTW...I love Transcibe! I get my guitar students to purchase it and together we use it all the time. Thanks man."

"Up to this point, I've been using a set of custom kyb commands on the numerical keypad such that 6 and 4 are +/- semitones and 5 and 8 are +/- cents and 2 & 3 are forward and back and so on. I can "play" it like an instrument and every time I use it, I'm filled with the kind of joy that can only come from your most impossible childhood dream coming true. I love this program more than I can put into words!"

"I LOVE your Transcribe program - I've been using it for a few years now, for transcribing and practice."

"Great software, use it for practice every day."

"thank you for your program, it has improved my transcription abilities greatly."

"A grateful user of Transcribe! here - awesome product!"

"Thanks once again for the most useful efficient musical learning program."

"Having used Transcribe! for years now, I just wanted to say thanks for a superb and unbelievably useful piece of software. I honestly don't know how I managed to work without it."

"great product btw... It's helped me prepare for many gigs."

"I use Transcribe ALOT! to practice and learn songs. I make my money mostly performing life as a free lancer and I'm constantly working on learning new music."

"I find this program is invaluable to learning music"

"Your software has long been sublime. Thank you so much. I have benefitted from Transcribe! for 12 years."

"I am very happy with the benefits of Transcribe! and have recommended it to many friends and online music associates."

"I am a big fan of Trancribe since lots of years. Thank you for this amazing app for musicians !!"

"Wow, really impressed by the software, awesome :)"

"I love your software, I've been using it for at least 5 years now. Thank you for making such an easy to use product. I'm using your software right now (to learn a Pantera riff). It's been a HUGE help in learning tricky guitar parts by slowing them way down."

"I am a guitar teacher and I always recommend transcribe to all my students. Great tool to study music."

"Thanks for your quick response. You have a unique and great piece of software!"

"Transcribe is the best tool ever!"

"This is a piece of software I should've had 10 years ago."

"it's hard to find antything to enhance in such great piece of software ;)"

"I absolutely love your program and have been using it religiously the last couple of years to transcribe."

"I've used Transcribe for years and I LOVE it!!!"

"best transcription software available! love it!"

"What a treasure you are & your Transcribe! I love it."

"Many thanks I do very appreciate your product."

"*THANKS* - I use it daily... mainly for some ultra fast tunes like "Stompin at Decca" to learn the tune by ear."

"I love this software. It has helped me improve my guitar playing and helped me understand music better."

"Just want to tell you how much I appreciate your software ... Exemplary and awesome customer service policy and a critically useful product."

"This is a great program. Thanks."

"Thank you sir, for continuing to improve your already incredible product/software. I use it everyday to prepare lessons for my guitar students, as well as using it to learn new songs we add to our set list, for my 90s tribute band."

"And thanks for Transcribe!. I just use it for transcribing guitar lessons and an occasional solo (bebop guitar) (so I'm only using a subset of its abilities) but it's just what I need."

"I just wanted to thank you again for the Transcribe App. It is amazing and has saved me so much time transcribing horn charts for my band"

"Just wanted to say that this is an extraordinary piece of software, that I just can't live without. Thank you for continuing the exemplary work on it."

"I've been using Transcribe for years and years after Dweezil Zappa mentioned it once in a Guitar Player interview and I am totally happy with it. Thanks for your superb work!"

"I gotta thank you again for this program. I practically live in it. Been playing bass for 54 years and found Transcribe thru a Bass Player Magazine article some years ago and it changed my life. I recommend it to everyone."

"Great work - really useful software. You've nailed it."

"I rely on your software daily and am so grateful for your dedication and craftsmanship."

"First off, love Transcribe! and it's used a lot in my studio and with my students here in Illinois."

"Transcribe rocks! You rock for making it!"

"Just wanted you to know if my computer crashed Transcribe would be the first app I'd reinstall. Love it!"

"Thank you so much! I use Transcribe software practically every day. You have helped to improve my musicianship immeasurably. I recommend Transcribe constantly."

"Thanks so much for a wonderful product. It has been a vital part of my workflow for years."

"My guitar teacher recommended I get Transcribe about a decade ago and dude I love love love this program/app. Thanks soooooo much"

"Thanks for the latest release and your ongoing efforts to keep the product up to date. I'm really grateful to have a tool like Transcribe."

"I just checked out your latest version today. It looks great! Love some of the newer features, and noticed some things on this new version that I had always wanted on the older version."

"Thank you for such a helpful tool!!!!"

"the product is a glorious solution in the process of transcription..."

"I have no idea how you do it, and I probably wouldn't understand if you told me, but your EQ is unlike any I've tried (and I used to do QA for Universal Audio so I've tried a few). It's absolutely uncanny. It's like a notch filter but the notch is so wide while still being super-sharply defined. When you say "remove bass", it actually removes the bass!"

"I have TRANSCRIBE on my Mac. I love it and use it a lot when my guitar teachers send me recordings that I need to learn."

"I've been a long-time user of Transcribe! I love it, don't know where I'd be without it when it comes to learning songs for the various bands I've been in."

"i'm a musician in NYC. I purchased "Transcribe!" 9 years ago this spring and it has by far been the best money I've ever spent on any application. I have recommended it to literally every person who asks what I use."

"I totally depend on it to learn things, pretty much daily!"

"Just purchased Transcribe and have to say thanks for a great product."

"It's a pleasure, each time, to deal with Seventhstring after all these years."

"BTW: for a music moron, I've found the program very easy to use, so hats off to the person who put it together."

"thankyou for this wonderful software that I have made use of for many years to help with my guitar playing."

"I work with Transcribe! since two years on Windows and Mac and for me it is the best software for musician. Thanks a lot for it."

"Appreciate both Transcribe! and your timely response to my question. Good customer service."

"I'm completely in love with Transcribe. I use it almost every day."

"I love your program and use it constantly."

"I just want to tell you what a great piece of software Transcribe is, I use it all the time and have recommended it to a great many people."

"Your product is absolutely fantastic so much better than asd"

"I purchased the transcribe software about 8 years ago and use it regularly. It is a great program."

"I use many years already transcribe, this is the best program for musicians!"

"I'm loving Transcribe, and think it's a fantastic program, so thanks very much for putting it together. As a classically trained orchestral play moving over to play more jazz it is really a great help!"

"I find it invaluable for breaking songs down and learning the individual guitar parts."

"Transcribe! is one of my go-to apps on my daily music studies."

"I've recently lost my laptop that has Transcriber software. How do I re-download it. I really can't live without it."

"Thanks for creating this great software! It has been an essential tool for my transcription work."

"Thank you again for good support."

"you have a great product and I have used it for over a decade - it has been enormously helpful to me as a jazz musician, soloing, transcribing, etc.."

"You guys are the absolute best !"

"I think its great software. And as a musician and a computer scientist there is very little software I consider 'great'."

"I have just re-downloaded Transcribe onto maybe my fourth MacBook and I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making such a useful program"

"I already have a Transcribe Windows licence, for many years*. Love Transcribe!, use it, have recommended it to so many people on guitar forums."

"Thanks, great service!"

"I use Transcribe every single day and it is invaluable."

"This software is a very professionally produced product. I have been using it for decades. I have found none better in all that time. Kudos!"

"Thanks for producing such great software, I've been a Transcribe user for over a decade now, and couldn't be happier."

"I love transcribe and use it regularly"

"I have been using Transcribe! professionally for many years now. It is a perfect tool for practicing with play alongs and recordings."

"Thank you very much for a beautiful software and great service."

"LOVE Transcribe!!!!!!"

"I continue to use Transcribe! ALL THE TIME..."

"I absolutely love this application! I've used it every day for a few years now."

"I have been a routine user of Transcribe software for many, many years. ... Transcribe is the foundation of my music learning process."

"This is a fantastic program that I couldn't live without!!! I love the visual of marking bars on the audio files then can zip back to any section! Occasionally I've tried the note or chord guess and very occasionally the EQ. Fantastic program!!!"

"I use transcribe all the time. I love it, such a great tool."

"I'm glad to inform you that your software is really helping me in my daily job as a music teacher in my special needs school in Belgium"

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"Your sofware is a great help for me to identify melodies or chords or riffs !"

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"I started a music school in 2006 and it has helped thousands of our students in our school get better at music. Many of our students have ended up purchasing it for use at home as well. Simply, you've done a great thing for music with this software. Thank you!"

"the new loop tool, fantastic ! thanks !"

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"Thanks for your excellent service."

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"Just a quick note to say that the GStreamer video playback is really good! I can now see exactly what I should be playing! I only now have to learn HOW to play it! Transcribe still is my favourite tool for 'forensic transcription' - very happy with it indeed."

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"cheers, i use it heaps and recommend to my students."

"Transcribe! is an amazing piece of software. I often struggled to figure out bass lines that are buried in the mix, but I can transcribe almost any bassline now by slowing the rate to 70% and increasing the pitch by five half steps. It makes the bassline jump out and you only need to play the actual bassline a string lower. Being able to loop segments of the song is also very helpful."

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"Thanks so very much Andy. I absolutely adore this product. I recommend it to all my students."

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"Complements great software I have loads of fun with this."

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"thank you again for your great support..... Now, after I have fixed this, everything works fine!"

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"I am emailing to communicate my love for this program. I am church musician and this program has allowed me to learn songs quicker and pay attention to detail."

"I still love using the product and have turned many friends on to it. One as recently as last week!"

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"I have to be one of your biggest fans. I often send this blurb to other musicians: My best, best friend this amazing $39 program Transcribe! you can buy from This will take any of my mp3s and allow me to visually mark off all the measures and beats, then slow it down without changing the pitch. Also has R/L balance, equalizers that allow you to further isolate instruments. Definitely the best $39 I've ever spent, took my transcriptions to another level."

"Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the work you're doing. Transcribe! keeps me keeping on!"

"I just wanted to say thank you for making a great product. I purchased it 5 or 6 years ago and it continues to be great and a staple of my life as a musician."

"Thank you Andy, just about to use my Mac version this morning, don't know what I would do without it."

"Thanks for taking care of this and THANK YOU FOR YOUR EXCELLENT SOFTWARE!!"

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"Excellent package, it's really helping me learn advanced jazz stuff. I had previously slowed things down on VLC player but not as good as this as you also get note guesses. I've transcribed the first minute of Giant Steps now using it ;-)"

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"I'd like to commend you for having created such a wonderful user friendly program, one of the best I've seen so far. I especially love the 31 band equalizer, it allows me to remove a solo instrument (in my case, the flute) and still get a decent background sound."

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"I am re-installing essential software, and the first in list if of course Transcribe! I bought it in 2012, and it is a wonderful, well-thought, versatile, robust piece of software! I've been a programmer for the last 25 years, and I still am, and I think I can clearly see dedication, passion and love though your work. I was amazed the first time I tried it, and I still am! I'm studying bass guitar, my wife and son electric guitar, and we all use and love Transcribe. It is apparent that it has been written by a musician, with feedback from musicians."

"Thank you for developing the fantastic and profoundly useful software program: Transcribe! I was introduced to it via my jazz piano teacher here in Chicago who sings it's praises."

"By the way, concrarulations! Transcribe is a great tool for me as a drum teatcher!!! Many students get crazy with the program!!"

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"Hi just to thank for the updates which make a great product , used daily, even better! !"

"I am a Swedish news reporter and aspiring jazz saxophonist, and I just wanna send a big thanks to the team behind Transcribe!. I have used it for a couple of years know - both when transcribing interviews and, on my free time, transcribing music. I just find the program reliable, easy to use and very functional."

"Thank you very much for this great application. It is one of the most important tools to me since many years."

"Your software is outstanding and I'm not just saying this lightly, as I'm a programmer myself. Transcribe has helped me to learn a few songs and improve my playing skills."

"Thanks for creating and maintaining such a great product! I recommend it to all my colleagues and students. The spectrum analysis feature is great for transcribing some hard to hear harmonies (jazz organ chords, etc.)."

"Your product is the best thing for my career! Thanx!!"

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"So many, many years with your program, so many transcriptions... Already a perfect tool for me and still growing."

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"Just want to drop a line to let you know that I depend on your excellent software everyday and without it, life would be really difficult. I've recommended it to many others and hope they've bought their own copy. Thank you for your great work!"

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"Your product by the way is great. I love it & use it all the time. Thx man"

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"Thank you for keeping us updated with Transcribe, we love this program and Transcribe has been very instrumental with the musical growth of my son. He's playing his saxophone really well now and a lot of credit goes to not only his practicing; but Transcribe too and he's not the only one that uses it as I am a retired saxophone player and really enjoy Transcribe you have developed a wonderful program for us to enjoy!"

"wonderful! thank you!"

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"Hey just emailing to say thanks for making Transcribe. You have no idea how much I enjoy using it. It's one of those programs that does what it does well, and you don't even notice it. Trying to play along to music and transcribe in media players etc, you constantly find yourself fighting against the player, but with transcribe, you don't even notice it, because it makes everything so easy. So thanks for years of troublefree and enjoyable use of your software!"

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"I just wanted to say thank you for the great work you do. I teach jazz at the university here and I also run a study unit on transcription technique. (logically) Transcribe! is the software I request my students to use for the course. Your program is just a blessing, specially if I think the time I spent in my youth with reel-to-reel decks and cassette tapes! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, really."

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"Most of the time, emails to authors are to have help or to request new functions... This is only to say you : THANK YOU ! very much !"

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"I spot an unsung British hero in the background here, without whom - the researcher confirmed to me - the work could not have been done. He could, he said, simply not have transcribed the volume of Scofield's work, thirty-seven tracks, which formed the backbone of his research. That unsung hero is guitarist/ software guru Andy Robinson, who hs been working on and improving his seventhstring transcription software for at least two decades."

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"I use the Transcribe just about every day in my music practice and love it. I especially like the visual aspect of it, being able to mark beats and measures and sections by tapping along with the music and then selecting which measures to work on is awesome and makes getting it down on paper a whole lot easier."

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"Transcribe has been an invaluable teaching tool for me. I can't believe how fast my guitar and mandolin students progress just by gradually increasing the speed of the songs they're learning. And then I change the key and get them to work that out! Brilliant!"

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"thanks and congratulation for your software, it's huge!"

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"Out of all the programs out there, this is close as to you can say perfect for what it is for."

"it is the ease (and readiness) of the controls for speed, fast forward, rewind, area and loop that make Transcribe! such a useful tool. I tried out Audacity (Freeware) but the features were nothing like as good as Transcribe!"

"Thanks! Great program, required for all my students. I also use it to prepare computer music performances."

"I've been trying out your software and up to now, I have been using another product. The other product (which will go unnamed) was a tad buggy (they haven't had an upgrade in years!). Transcribe! has performed flawlessly on both my mac and pc... Thanks for creating this, it is quickly becoming a valuable tool for me."

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"LOVE this program, btw. Awesome job!! One of my favorite recent features is being able to import m4a files right from my iTunes library. I'm a working bassist and frequently have to learn a lot of songs for gigs, and I couldn't do it nearly as effectively without Transcribe."

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"I was pleasantly surprised when I received notice of the free update to the latest version of transcribe. Not only do I really feel I got my money's worth in terms of service, but more importantly the new update is wonderful. The new control panel is exactly what was needed and I'm really curious to see how you'll top this version in the future."

"Thank You! I love your Transcribe app - I've never been skilled at transcription and Transcribe has made the process so much easier and faster for me."

"Your product is awesome and makes my job writing arrangement a lot easier. Thanks and Cheers!"

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"Nobody else even comes close to your product. I use the video part regularly to help with my student's transcriptions - capturing the fingering location, etc. You guys rock!!"

"I especially like the ability to slow a song down and being able to practice it in the key that we play it in live. I've become a much better bass player thanks to you! Every aspiring musician should be using Transcribe!"

"Hey Andy, I recently bought your program and I'm REALLY lovin it man. Definitley the best sounding most comprehensive, and user friendly program I've seen!!"

"Also out of all my software programs DAW's on and on this one is the most used. It takes the learning of new materal and lessons and guitar licks into a joy."

"In my opinion you have really given music the bigest boost in my lifetime..I just cannot imagine life without Transcribe"

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"I bought a Licence many years ago. Transcribe runs everytime very solid."

"Your software is the best practice tool I've ever used"

"Transcribe is the best freakin' program, and it just keeps getting better. I just downloaded 8, and with the attractive GUI and the improved feature interface, I'm in love all over again. This is a must for any serious jazz musician, and probably several other kinds of musicians as well."

"Transcribe 8 has become an essential part of my daily workflow."

"Thank you for the kind service and great program."

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"I recommend this program to all my students. Keep up the good work"

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"The updates are killer. Just recently found out you could slow down video! Wish I had this stuff when I was trying to slow down DiMeola on a turntable at 16 speed!!!"

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"after a week found I just couldn't do without it. It's a real joy to use and is one of the most productive pieces of software I've ever come across. How I wish something like this had been around 35 years ago when I used to sit for hours trying to make sense of Charlie Parker faster than light solos on half speed reel to reel. Congratulations."

"THANK YOU MUCH ANDY! ... The video with transcribe is fantastic ... I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT.THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"

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"First of all, let me congratulate you on a terrific program. I've been transcribing music professionally for over 25 years and have gone through my share of Marantz tape decks, stenographer equipment, and more recently various software programs to help the process. I discovered your program several years ago and initially used it to process audio files to make them easier to transcribe (mainly speed, EQ and pitch correction) while using another pedal-controlled transcription app for the actual take-down. When you added support for foot-pedal controllers I was able to drop the other software and use Transcribe! for all aspects of the work."

"Thank you for a GREAT product! (Best Help File I've ever seen on any software!!!)"

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"I am a composer/improviser and I am in the process of transcribing many hours of structured piano improvisations into Finale scores. This will be around a year's worth of time for me, and it would be pretty much impossible without your program. Having this program allows me to compose with a tremendous degree of freedom, and has actually changed the way I work, so...MANY THANKS!"

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"You've made it flexible and powerful without overloading it with functionality that's available in other software, and without overreaching. Before finding Transcribe I tried a few more ambitious automatic recognition and/or transcription programs, and they're all rubbish."

"the marker/subdivision interface is well-thought out and exactly what I need for a transcription project in a university jazz theory and improv course I'm currently taking. I downloaded the Mac OS trial version and knew within a couple of hours it was well worth buying."

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"I recently discovered Transcribe software, and I wanted to drop you a note to say how happy I am with it. I'm a life-long professional pianist, and I have done the transcriptions for about ten of Hal Leonard's jazz piano folios and numerous other books and magazine articles. In other words, I've done a LOT of transcribing.... This program is basically the one that I had always wished someone would invent. After playing with the demo for an afternoon, I happily bought a copy, and I don't see myself going back to the last program I was using."

"Firstly, your program is fantastic - that's not a suck-up at all; I'm a full time pro player, and your program makes the transcribing part of my practice so easy. It's the only program I use, basically because it's the only program I need. So, thanks!"

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"It is great. It is the category "Why didn't I think of that"?"

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"ALSO, I have to say that this program is a STAPLE of my whole practice routine. I use it for learning solos, practicing licks, and transcriptions. You have allowed me to pursue jazz improvisation with no worries. Thank you so much for making this, I owe a large part of my progress due to this excellent program."

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"It is my pleasure to recommend Transcribe! to my students. As someone who started transcribing in the early '70s using LPs slowed down to 16 2/3 RPM, then graduated to vari-speed tape recorders, and subsequently tried several digital software/hardware products, I never dreamed something as powerful, effective and user-friendly as Transcribe! would ever come along. Thank you for all the time and energy you have put into developing the product."

"I teach applied guitar, bass and piano jazz students. I also teach an improvisation class most semesters. I have started requiring Transcribe! to be purchased by all of my students - It's actually a required purchase in my syllabus. That's how much I believe in your product! I also introduced the other professors to Transcribe! so they can recommend it to their students."

"I consider Transcribe! essential to the aims of the participants in this group, and I have no affiliation with Seventh String Software. None of its competition stands up against its feature set and tailoring to real musician needs. As I told John, it represents the best $50 bucks I've ever spent on a music program. Andy is very generous with his upgrade policy, he backs the product with a related transcription forum, and I believe the demo is fully functional for some period of time. It's the product I wished for, for many decades."

"I've been transcribing music for TV and Liveshows for 20 years now, using cassette deck in the beginning and ending up with using my sampler, but this program makes everything soooo easy - thank you."

"My hat's off to you, Andy!! I was about to post a sticky issue to the Yahoo Music Transcribers group, but I thought, "I'd better first check the built-in help for the answer to this." Lo and behold, there it was! ... Truly amazing software user documentation -- I've seen a lot!"

"I just downloaded the latest version of Transcribe! and used some of the new capabilities, and all I have to say is, you are a genius. I have told and recommended Transcribe! to every musician that I come in contact with including my students. Slowing the video down and being able to hear it is something I've needed for years. Andy, I do believe that you have outdone yourself in this new update of Transcribe! because I can't think of anything else I would want the software to do."

"Thanks so much! Customer service with seventh string has always been, and continues to be stellar!"

"Your product is my favorite guitar software of all. Thanks"

"Unbelievable! Man I've been trying to "steal" Etude by Lee Ritenour from one of his live DVD's, where he's playing a nylon string (with no fret markers) and being able to freeze the frame of the vid with the sound is a dream come true. And the sound quality just blew me away."

"It just keeps on getting better. The video component is great. Yours is truly one of the most useful and most used bits of software on my computer."

"First, I've got to tell you what a GREAT program. I use this exclusively for all transcribing and reviewing chores. I'm especially thrilled with the shortcut capabilities. Now we can use two programs at once and not have to switch between them. Nice job."

"Hi - you probably hear this all the time, but Transcribe! is simply the most useful and best transcription tool hands down. It's really invaluable to me personally and has opened up a whole pile of music to transcription that I don't know how I would tackle if I would not have tripped across Transcribe! years ago."

"As a satisfied customer I felt I had to write to thank you for your terrific piece of software. Not only do I use it everyday in my teaching for slowing things down, making loops of the tricky bits etc, I am currently transcribing interviews for my PhD and realised that the new video version (complete with funky little camera icon) would be ideal for pause/ playback etc. These are big files (ie 90 minutes of video at a time) and Quick Time, frankly, is pretty clunky at handling them. I am happy to report that Transcribe is smooth and stable and exactly what I need. Thanks Seventh String. Transcribe rocks! Seriously- it's true!"

"Hello I just wanted to relate to you that I am even more jazzed about your program Transcribe. I don't know when or how this feature snuck in the program but I just decided to try to open up a quicktime video file I made of this piece I am learning from a dvd . And I have video in Transcribe!!!! Man that is so helpful. Any way I tell every musician I know about this program, It is affordable and of great use."

"I'm writing to say thank you, Andy. For many years I've struggled wishing I'd had a tool like this."

"I LOVE YOUR PROGRAM!!!! I am a jazz musician and teacher who has transcribed hundreds of pages of music (Bill Evans, Herbie, Chick, Trane, Bird, Micheal Brecker, Wes montgomery, Monk, Kenny Kirkland, etc.), which until Transcribe! was done with a CD player. I have worn out several CD players. Your program has every feature I want. It is now an essential part of my teaching method. I recommend (demand actually) that my students buy Transcribe! and use it to transcribe and practice. I tell them that it is the "electron microscope of music transcription."

"I would like to complement you on an absolutely excellent piece of work. I have been a professional musician for more decades than I would care to admit at this time, and I have used most of the major music software packages on the market over the years. Yours is among the very best of any kind, and as far as I can tell is far and away the best package of its kind, period, in every way."

"I used the trial for Transcribe! and loved it. You have created something so beautiful, powerful and very useful!!" "Thanx so much for your creativity! The world is a better place because of people like you."

"Your program is fantastic! I teach guitar at two universities in Denver, Colorado and have had several students purchase your program. They showed instant improvement form working with transcribe!, and it is spreading to the rest of the program. Thanks again for creating such a useful tool for the aspiring musician!"

"I just wanted to thank you for a great product. I bought it just the other day and already it has helped me transcribe several parts of songs that I just couldn't have done on my own. I am recommending it to all my friends and students."

"I just want to say that it is a beautiful piece of software to work with. Thank you!"

"Great piece of software btw, I'm a programmer by trade and it's always wonderful to come across a piece of software you wished you'd written yourself!)"

"I love Transcribe! and I use it a lot. Transcription has never been this easy and fast!"

"I must say this is one of the best items of software I have ever used.. it just does the job so well that I can't actually think of any improvments to be made to it. It is one of the few items of quality that this is really what all software should aim to be like..."

"After sceptically installing Transcribe! I was more than surprised. Your software has exceeded my expectance. It breaks the limit every musician definitely arrives one day when transcribing."

"Every so often, the question comes up about software to slow material down without changing its pitch. I, and many others, think Transcribe! from 7th-string software is the best tool for the job. Not a shill for the company, just a satisfied customer." "I stongly agree about Transcribe! It is a great transcription tool, is easy to use, and has great sound quality when songs are slowed down. Been using it for years now, and it is perhaps the best (and cheapest) out there."

"I just downloaded the new version of Transcribe and wanted to take a minute to personally thank you and express my appreciation for a brilliant piece of software. It has already been an integral part of my work on countless occasions, and the new features are fantastic."

"I want to tell you how much I love Transcribe. I guess I have had it for two or three years, and it has helped me tremendously in being able to transcribe jazz solos. This might not seem like a great thing to a lot of people, but I am a 67 yr old classical pianist who has wanted to play jazz my whole life and being able to transpose solos has been a great help to me. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you do to help us have the greatest music experiences!"

"i just purchased transcribe, after using it daily for the last few weeks- i play guitar for a living, and transcribe is the best tools i've ever used for breaking down songs! i have three or four other tools, both hardware and software, and transcribe smokes them all."

"I use transcribe practically every day on my Mac and thought I'd let you know that I have never had any problems. It is brilliant and I am really glad to have it, it has been a huge help in many ways."

"Firstly may I say how wonderful it is? - I am using it a lot, and I think it is about the very best-designed piece of software that I know: it is so intuitive, friendly, reliable and fun to use."

"I just wanted to let you know that Transcribe is a fantastic program! I'm a drummer and a drum teacher and I use the program almost daily. I use it for charting out songs for gigs, practicing, and as a teaching tool."

"I have died and gone to heaven after discovering this program on the internet. It is a great program and real simple to use. I figured it out in 15 minutes. As a semi-professional musician, I have to learn tunes every week. Transcribe will now become a useful tool in my arsenal, lets just say my weapon of choice. I will be spreading the word about your product."

"i've been using transcribe! now for about six weeks- every day for 3 - 4 hours. i couldn't be more pleased! this is an amazingly deep program!" "i have several 'transcribing' hardware units that i can finally stop using- not one of them came close to your app."

"I have been using Transcribe for several years now. I have used it to transcribe jazz solos, analyze chords, transcribe dense brass choir textures, and more recently to analyze my own playing! I am about to graduate with my Masters degree in clarinet performance, and plan on an orchestral career which involves playing of the highest degree. I relate using Transcribe! to analyze recordings of myself to athetes' use of video and motion capture technology to analyze the minute imperfections in their swing, throw, stride, etc. I can slow down the recording to make sure I'm playing every note in a 32nd note run, or even use the spectral analyzer to detect the overtones in my sound, how strong they are, and if they're in tune. Anything I can possibly think of to do with a piece of music, Transcribe! does. The spectral analysis is probably the most amazing and impressive feature, to me. I graduated from my undergrad with Honors, and analyzed 3 solos of clarinetist Eddie Daniels for my thesis, and I owe Transcribe! for 99% of my grade! In addition, your writings on transcription in general on your website are more thorough than about anything I found in extensive research on transcription and analysis."

"I have nothing but great things to say about Transcribe! I tell all my friends about it, and they all love the program, too."

"let me say that i am amazed and wowed by transcribe. i have been using it for years and think it is the most amazing tool for musicians since- well anything. it is incredible."

"I have just purchased Transcribe! for Mac OS X and I love it. I used it for the demo period and then just had to have it. I am a software engineer and a programming instructor and I have to say that this is one of the very best pieces of software I have ever seen."

"Transcribe! Is a great little program. I've been a musician (guitar, piano, vocals) for many years... almost as long as I've been alive. I'm in my mid 50's (still playing in a band) and have embraced technology right from the start... for the specific purpose of learning tunes, Transcribe! Takes the prize hands down and gets 2 thumbs up from someone that knows the process of learning a song by ear. As I mentioned my interest in technology and also make my living write software, for business apps using VB and some years back used "C". Wouldn't attempt to write something like Transcribe!. You've done a superb job. Simple to use and very effective."

"As a budding bass player wannabe, I am compelled to let you know how I feel about your product. I use Transcribe! for hours every day. It has been invaluable in helping me both learn and create bass lines for lessons. Your intonation at any tempo is pretty damn accurate. I keep telling my wife that this is the best money I have ever spent on a tool to help me learn the bass. She is so tired of hearing me saying it that I have finally decided to let you guys know. I have recommend it to my bass teacher who is now using it and telling his other students to get it."

"Just wanted to say again, thank you, thank you for writing this program, I use it every day to speed the process of learning music and for making practice CD's for my students. It is the absolute best tool there is for a pro musician. I have used it now for about six years, probably almost every day."

"As a music teacher, your product Transcribe has proven invaluable. It's really the complete control over the playback that makes the difference, and helps me notate all my student's guitar solos quickly and accurately. Absolutely awesome that I can use my midi footpedal for any playback control too, it's really a great system. I just bought the full version today after deciding that I could never go back to using a normal media player like quicktime or even a DAW like Live for this kind of work"

"As an honest ordinary guy who had his less than year old laptop crash and burn without a moments notice I want to say THANKS for reissuing the license key. I've bought the software twice now to legally have it on two computers. It's simply the best transcribing software out there!"

"Just downloaded the trial version of your Transcribe! program and wanted to let you know that I have absolutely fallen in love with this program only minutes after opening the trial."

"Love your product by the way. I use it to help me practice the Irish "uilleann" pipes...Transcribe allows me to break down recordings from the old masters so that I can identify every gracenote and flourish, in order that I might imitate. Great stuff! Changed my life, in a way."

"I tried and bought the Transcribe software within a few days of the trial offer. Since then, I like it so much, I describe it to fellow guitarists as the best thing since sliced bread."

"I think the software is incredible it has definitely been a lifesaver for me. Thanks a million."

"I purchased the transcribe program approximate 1 1/2 years ago and I can truthfully say that it is one of the best working programs I have ever purchased."

"It is a great product and we all think its great down here in Brighton. It has revolutionised the way i learn irish tunes."

"this is a fantastic program. I'm working on a transcription book of Lenny Breau's music, which is extremely complex. I don't think I would have been able to do this work without your software."

"THANK YOU - I love this software!"

"I know I've said this before but Transcribe is the best piece of music software ever! I recommend it all the time to friends and colleagues."

"Thank you very much, Andy. I love this program and have used it extensively to figure out songs for my 70's rock tribute band ( over the past couple of years. It is probably my most valuable tool."

"I love Transcribe -- I think it's the greatest invention since the electric guitar, it's actually changed my life for the better!"

"I'm preparing for finals right now, so I don't have much time to write this, but I just wanted to drop a note and let you know how much I appreciate Transcribe!. I'm working on a partial transcription of John Coltrane's A Love Supreme, which is not an easy piece by any means, and your software is making the process almost unreasonably simple. I've acquired a number of pieces of music and sound software recently, most notably Reason 2 and Finale 2004, but Transcribe! is beating them all with ease in terms of usefulness and general usability."

"Just tried Transcribe! for the last month and now bought it. Thanks so much. I've been learning songs from recordings for years and gotten really good at it, but your software makes much it easier and faster."

"My husband is a huge fan of Transcribe!. He bought the program some time ago and is a daily user. So when our house had a fire in September, the license key to Transcribe was one paper be brought out of the office."

"I have been using Transcribe! for a few months now and it is the absolute best. Thank you for writing such a great piece of software."

"I just wanted to say how pleased I am with Transcribe, which I bought and first used over the Christmas period. It's totally revolutionized my practise routines and I've made more progress in the past six weeks than in the previous 40 years - at least that's what it feels like."

"hey i just wanted to thank you for the hard work on the new update of transcribe. i did a really difficult transcription of a flute solo and i got it nailed. it took me better part of a week but without transcribe could not say if i really would have been able to do it at all."

"Keep up the great work with this software. Seventhstring is a musician's dream. This product was worth EVERY penny I paid for it. I can't say enough about it. It does EVERY thing one would need for transcribing."

"I bought Transcribe a year or so ago and have just realised how dependent on it I have become. Just thought I would let you know I think it's a great tool."

"I just wanted tyou to know that I downloaded Transcribe, and within 15 minutes of using it, I bought it. I have been transcribing records for a long time, from 45 rpm records with the repeat arm up, through Lps, cassettes, and CDs, aand I have never used anything as helpful as Transcribe."

"Awesome program. Downloaded a few weeks ago but didn't install until tonight. Used it for 15 minutes and I'm sold. I'm a guitarist that just finished a class in African Drumming. I have a CD of drum rhythms which I ripped and I'm using Transcribe as a looping machine. Awesome. I'm going to sell my Tascam CD Guitar trainer. Your program is 10 times more powerful (plus easier to use) and one-third the cost AND it doesn't require batteries. Thanks for the great software."

"I wish more programs had this price to performance ratio as well as its great support."

"I can't say enough good things about this program. I love it! When it's time to learn tunes this is my number one resource. 11 out of 10!!!"

"Thought I'd drop you a quick e-mail. I just downloaded the evaluation version of Transcribe! and was so impressed that I bought it within half an hour of first loading the program. I can't say I really buy much software these days - pretty much got everything covered in terms of audio programs. But within ten minutes I'd transcribed the double bass intro to a track despite being [to put it bluntly] crap at transcriptions (and even worse at the double bass). As a software developer myself, I'm not impressed by fancy coding or unique features etc. etc. What does impress me is how this program painlessly did exactly what it said it would."

"congratulations! what an amazingly useful and easy to use piece of kit. I've just spent an hour wandering around a couple of tunes and your application is so easy to learn. Such a user friendly piece of software. Excellent."

"Thank you for your work. So many of us in the world owe thanks to so few for the wonders of technology. You are one of the few."

"This piece of software is a gem, for sure. Working with the EQ is a great tool. Your software provides a clarity of tone, while in slowed mode, that is not found in other products I have tried."

"hi I just thought Id say: transcribe is an awesome piece of software! I just discovered the feature that allows you to transcribe directly from audio cds, its even easier now. Plus the design is so thoughtful, everything works so simply and intuitiveley.Well worth the registration fee!"

"Your title TRANSCRIBE, was reviewed on the program MEGAPOLITAN, broadcast from the studios of WUSB, 90.1 FM, Stony Brook NY, (, Long Island's largest non-commercial radio station. MEGAPOLITAN is a live, un-scripted program; transcriptions are not available. I found your software to be very capable, and trouble-free, perhaps the best of it's kind. I gave a most positive review, and pointed to your website."

"I want to thank you again for creating this marvellous piece of software"

"Well, it really is a great product. I do a lot of transcription and arranging work, and it's proved its worth many times over."

"I love Transcribe! Love it. I've been using it for a couple of years now, first for transcribing tunes for MUZAC renditions and now for my present occupation of composing ringtones (bastard children of real music). For those of us who's ears are not as fast as Mozarts this app is a great boon. Thanks for your hard work and good ideas."

"This weekend i have finally found time to download and try Transcribe! It is a fantastic tool and I will be purchasing it when my month is up. It is so wonderfully useful, just having the ability to change track speed tuning and eq is wonderful, but everything that one might think "it would be great if I could do that" you seem to have thought of. I am working on parts for a show with Lee Hazlewood at the RFH next week, and I must be going about 5 times my usual speed!"

"A couple of minutes later I was sitting here utterly stunned, flaggerbasted, glabberflasted, and Completely Amazed. Of course all I did was open the program, open Revelations from my hard drive, and click play. The Times They Sure Have A Changed! Your program is very elegant, seamless, and Terrific. Surely you are a perfectionist! Thank you ever so much (^_^)"

"I have one word for you: FANTASTIC!!"

"I just wanted to email you to let you know that I think Transcribe is a fabulous tool. It is so easy to start and stop the recording where I want to, that it lets me concentrate on the music, and not how to work the player."

"I just want to thank you for Transcribe! Transcribe! is simply the greatest computer application ever for musicians! I don't know how we managed before it..."

"just wanted to email my appreciation for Transcribe! ... occured to me just now how I treat it as a reliable daily workhorse for all sorts of things"

"I use 'Transcribe!' to assist with the process of transcribing. It is a great piece of software and I would recommend it to every musician."

"I use your program for all my transcription work. Having worked over the years with all manner of implements -- cassette, half- speed cassette, CD, MP3 players, Digital Performer -- I assure you that "Transcribe!" is the most efficient and useful tool available. I'll never go back to anything else. Bravo!"

"I just would like to thank you very much to having invested more work into this great program! Thanks for the new version which I have installed immeditatedly! There is almost now day where I don't use it! It IS defintively No 1 !!!"

"Hi, and thanks for writing Transcribe! I use it all the time, and it's made my life far hipper."

"Just thought I'd drop you a line to say thanks for Transcribe! It's good to see that someone has taken the time to develop a tool for transcribing that is actually useful to the musician. I have tried too many programs in the past that either promised the world but only delivered some half-hearted attempt or were some bloated, all encompassing multi-media program that tried to be too many things at once. I guess it takes a musician to really know what musicians want."

"I recommend Transcribe! every chance I get - having spent many years (going back to the 70s!) as a transcriber using tape at half-speed, Transcribe! has been the single biggest breakthrough in my own musical education - I use it all the time. Thanks again! :-)"

"I just wanted to say that this software just keeps getting better and better. I am really impressed. I have been recommending it to my friends and it has come in so handy with my music. I must have learned about 10 songs from ear with this software (music is only a hobby so this is quite a lot for me)."

"As always, I am very thankful that you have not only created an outstanding piece of transcription software, but you continue to improve it!! Transcribe has saved me countless times and I thank you for it."

"I purchased my licence key within the last couple of months and am completely bowled over by your software. I am incredibly lazy and find the software a great motivator to get me transcribing...believe me I ve tried everything the marantz tape slow downers even the roland guitar tuner gizmo however this is the most intuitive and useful bit of kit out there"

"Just a quick note to let you know that your Transcribe software is freakin' fantastic! I've been using it for several years, and am really thankful that you stayed with this. Keep kickin'. Thanks."

"Thank you so much for your quick response and much appreciated help. I always brag about and push my students to purchase Transcribe! since it is the best."

"I am an American student of jazz. Currently I am working towards a Masters degree in jazz performance (piano) after having completed a bachelors in the same. I am writing to you because you have a really great program. I have used transcribing programs for a number of years before yours became available. Wow! What a difference yours makes. I remember the pain I had to go through with the other programs, but yours is wonderful."

"By the way Transcribe is brilliant. I have been teaching the guitar full-time for twenty years. When I think of how many songs I have had to transcribe in that time. If only Transcribe had existed back in 1984!"

"Thank you very much for your help. I really love Transcribe! and I cannot live if I don't have it already."

"Have really appreciated your fine program Transcribe. I am using it quite a lot in my PhD work which involves a lot of transcription. It certainly has made the whole process much easier."

"I very rarely, if ever I think outside of business, write to anyone about anything even to complain! Just wanted to say what a cracking little program Transcribe is and how much it has helped me progress with my guitar playing."

"I am a doctoral student at the University of Pennsylvania, and I purchased Transcribe! about a month back to assist me as I transcribe various solos in my dissertation work on improvisation. I REALLY like the program: it's immensely helpful particularly as a check-and-balance against what my ears are hearing, and as far as the dissertation goes, I certainly want to make sure my transcriptions are as accurate as possible."

"Thank you for the awesome software... it is spectacular, extremely efficient, and .... thank you again."

"I have used other transcription tools. This one allows the most control over speed, frequencies, etc. It also allows you to sample from various sound formats and save your bookmarks, etc. I have used lots of tools over the years (CD/Tape pause/replay, Akai Riff-O-Matic, CD Looper and their family of products) and this is the best one I have found."

"I'd just like to mention, in case people don't mention it often enough, how useful Transcribe! is. Thanks for making it."

"This is just a letter to let you know what a fantastic program I think Transcribe! is, the sheer amount of functionality the program offers for the price is astounding. I am using it as I write this email to work out the drum part of a song, when struggling to hear the bass drum I thought I was at a loss until I toyed with the programs EQ. Not only can I slow down the song so I can hear the rhythm better, but with the EQ properly configured I am able to hear the bass drum as if it was a seperate track."

"I love Transcribe! I am a beatmaker in the Seattle area, I work with various production teams creating hip hop, downtempo, and electronic music- basically sample based compositions. Transcribe allows me to view the note structures of an audio sample and then make pitch corrections to alline with other samples. I've used other much more expensive programs for this task, however they fall short of my expectations every time. Not only does transcribe have and "analog lock" feature which perserves the audio quality of the sample when pitching a wav file, but also the spectrum analisis is a great help when dealing with complex samples. I've recently been sighed to an independent record lable, and am confident had it not been for transcribe that my success would have been delayed."

"You have achieved and produced a "miracle product" as far as I'm concerned. You can't put a proper value on it. I haven't worked my way through it but even being able to mark sections and repeat instantly over and over again is quite remarkable."

"Tried several. This is the best and easier to use. Thnaks for making a great little tool."

"Hi Andy, I love the new program. You made all the improvements I would have wanted. I wouldn't be playing jazz guitar if it wasn't for transcribe and band in box. I run both programs simultaneously. So thanks again for a terrific program."

"I am another one of those guys who mistakenly purchased another piece of software before I found out about your software. I completely wasted my money on "Amazing Slowdowner" since Transcribe! is much much better in every way. Thanks very much for this awesome app!"

"Thanks for writing such a useful program. I use Transcribe almost every day. I'm always amazed at how well constructed and practical it is. I've turned several other people onto it and they all feel the same way. It's so rare that I find anything that is such a good value and so well designed - I just had to email you."

"Of all the software I have, Transcribe is the most valuable. I have licenses for it for Linux and Windows - it's really an essential program for me."

"This is my most used music program and I keep finding new things I can do with it - lately I've been copying old records to CDs and I just discovered hoe easy it is in Trabscribe to break the recording into tracks and output as separate WAV fies."

""Transcribe" is a such a superb program. It should be in every musician's training arsenal. Thanks and congratulations on doing it right. And thanks for continuing to make Transcribe increasingly superior."

"I've been learning licks off the record by ear for 25+ years, and this tool is the finest of its kind I've seen. With a wife and 3 kids its harder than ever to sit for long and agonize over a difficult to hear part, and this makes the best use of precious time."

"I want to thanks you and congratulate you on an excellent product. It's JUST the thing I needed. Amazing aid and time-saver, after all the times I've pressed rewind on a cassette player, or fast backward on a CD player, to try to catch a detail in a piano piece, trying to learn it... this is a real gem!"

"Until now I was using another program for transcribing but Transcribe! is much more useful... the equalizer, the quality of sound when you slow tne music, the markers...extremely easy and useful."

"... your exellent Transcribe program which I find an absolute godsend in my endeavours to transcribe music ..."

"Just thought I'd drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoy using Transcribe!. I write and transcribe music for magazines like Guitarist and Guitar Techniques (I was editor of this particular mag until July 2001) and your programme has proved invaluable in helping me with my work."

"I like your program a lot! I have been a guitar teacher for years and I could have used this program about a million times over."

"An excellent tool, intelligently laid out and a pleasure to use. I especially enjoy placing beats and measure markers. As a one-time technical writer (now mostly a jazz musician) it was also a shock and pleasure to read a really well-written manual."

"Your program is really fantastic and as someone who does lots of transcribing (both drums and lead work ala Chick Corea), it is easy to see the effort you put into the tools in your program would have only been thought of by someone who ACTUALLY DOES the work themselves."

"Learning songs/solos is so easy it's cheating."

"... wanted to commend you for the usefulness and stability of the product."

"It had to be done very quickly but also very accurately, and Transcribe was a big help. I can't think of any serious criticisms of the software."

"I LOVE YOUR PROGRAM, by the way. It is simple and fun to use."

"I think Transcribe! is one of the best thought out music programs I've ever used. Obviously designed by a musician for musicians."

"I tried other stuff before Transcribe but it didn't even come close!"

"Your software has become an essential part of my musical day."

"... a perfect product for slowing down music files so that I can practice on a musical instrument and also for slowing down English Country Dancing tunes so that I can stagger around and keep up."

"Like your product, your procedures are the closest thing to perfect that can be imagined - and as expeditious. It worked like magic, or rather like genius."

"I downloaded the trial version of it last night and used this morning to transcribe a solo, and I was deligheted to work with it. It's very user friendly and so incredibly functional. The markers are extremely useful and the sound doesn't get distorted at all even at a half speed."

"Transcribe! is the tool for me ... Thanks for making my life a LOT easier!!"

"Great Program. And I have tried them all.!!!!!!!!!"

"Wanted you to know, with your program, I have finally had success transcribing....The feeling of empowerment that that gives is wonderful!"

"I've been using Transcribe! since version 3 or 4 (it's been so long I can't even remember) and am absolutely thrilled with it. I have referred many students and colleagues here in Los Angeles to your wonderful program. It's usually quite funny when I first demonstrate the program's half-speed capabilities to someone---its seamless, clean sound quality never fails to drop a jaw and cause a gasp."

"I'm a professional: I use Transcribe! to assist my practice nearly every day."

"Since I started using it I have covered a huge amount of ground in my understanding and appreciation of music - its a fabulous product."

"your proramme goes from strength to strength and the other contenders for the title seem to be left on a receeding horizon"

"Le logiciel est absolument incroyable. Bravo et merci !"

"Your marvelous software and terrific tutorials/explanations have totally taken the wind out of my sails! What a great implementation of a neat idea. Wow; how amazing to see piano harmonics in all their glory (and complexity)!"

"I am one of the, I'm sure very many people, who's musical life is better because of Transcribe! Thank You!"

"Oh so few software products these days run absolutely without a hitch; this experience sets a new high-water mark."

"Thank you so much. And again, wonderful, wonderful software."

"I love you application! I recommend it to all my jazz students."

"Andy, this software is phenomenal! I love the sound quality and the use of the audio wave. I bought it as soon as I tried it. You blow the competition away."

"Transcribe! is one of the best pieces of software I've ever used, of any kind. Bravo!"

"I don't know if you realize it, but I've been pushing your program like crazy as the definitive way to learn tunes on the Uilleann pipes."

"I was searching for a good slowdowner for musicians... My search is now over, thank you for the great Transciber!"

"I can say that almost nothing has helped me in my musical career as much as this program."

"I love this program. I have been looking for it all my life."

"Thanks again for the incredible product. I use Transcribe every single day of my life. Full orchestral pieces, full big band scores, blazingly fast odd-time Macedonian and Balkan folk music, late Coltrane and Eric Dolphy solos, strings, percussion, name it, I've used Transcribe to help me take it down accurately. I transcribe and arrange music for a living, and your software has grown to be an invaluable tool in my profession."

"you're product is so fast, easy and intuitive that I can't stop using it!"

"I am a blind preacher and picker and I love transcribe. than for all you done in making it."

"I'm in a jazz transcription class. Transcribe is *amazing.*"

"Not only is your user interface more intuitive, the sound quality is IMMENSELY SUPERIOR."

"I've been playing for about 10 years or more and this has been one of the most valuable tools I've come across."

"I just wanted to commend you on what I think is the THE best educational and FUN musical software I have ever seen."

"Beautiful. I've played with it for about a half hour, using all the basic features. Everything works. Outstanding job. I particularly like the cleanness of the cue function and the enhanced interface for all the effects."

"I just have to say that your product is simply amazing. My only complaint is that I've become addicted to it, which is cutting into my trumpet practice time."

"Your software is fabulous and it has changed my life; no lie."

"BTW Andy, I just wanted to say that this is an awesome piece of SW. It far exceeded my expectations."

"your great!!!! Transcribe! has changed my life from a musical point of view."

"For what it may be worth to you, 3 1/2 years work with Transcribe have made it an absolutely essential tool. I do a fair amount of transcription, both for the orchestra I play in and for the odd singer around town. I now can't imagine life without your great product."

"Most software I buy ends up collecting dust a week after I buy it. But I have no doubt I will continue to use Transcribe for a long time to come."

"I work with a group of musicians who put various shows together. Transcribe! has been an invaluable >tool for me. I passed on the trial version to my colleagues. It took them one day to make the purchase, they were blown away!"

"Thank you! Your program is great! I'm a jazz pianist , and it is possible for me to transcribe anything now thanks to your program."

"I've been using Transcribe! - how long - 3 years? More? Not sure, but anyway, it's something that I use in myriad ways that I couldn't imagine being without."

"By the way, I bought and tried several programs, (Reed-Kotler's Transkriber, Seventh String Software's Transcribe!, Amazing Slow Downer, Notechaser, SlowGold, etc.). I found Seventh String Software's Transcribe! to be, unquestionably, the best."

"God bless you and the folks who designed this software. I've been trying to find something like this for years!"

"I just wanted to say thank you very much for developing such a fantastic product. Using it, I was able to start learning some of my favorite pieces of music with relative ease, whereas without Transcribe! the task would have been incredibly difficult if not impossible."

"Your sample version enabled me to copy a run I've been listening to for 30 years and never could figure out."

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"I use a great deal of software and technology in my day to day life (work and personal time included), and Transcribe! ranks right up there with email, cell phones, word processing, web browsing, and home espresso machines for me. It has made a huge difference in my ability to learn tunes and licks and keeps me connected with one of my true passions in life - music. If only I had it when I was a kid..."

"I've written before but wanted to write again about this program. Of ALL the programs for a computer I've ever had, this has been the single, best program I have ever used. Your price is more than fair for it, your updates are great, and the product is outstanding. I would actually be lost without it now. I have told every musician I know about it and put notes on discussion boards about it. I think everyone I know that has tried it now raves about it. I am glad I came across it. Thank you for one of the best products on the market."

"Other software programs do not come even close as far as sound quality is concerned."

"I wanted to thank you for the finest piece of shareware ever written. The changes you made in this recent version are just the ones I was looking for."

"Transcribe is a fantastic program. I use it just about daily, and recommend it whole-heartedly to my friends and students. Thank you once again."

"I have found your Transcribe program to be the most useful I have ever seen for figuring out songs and chords."

"As a guitar teacher i found the transcribe program fantastic and can not live without it"

"Love the program - I've recommended it on the sax forum I subscribe to. Tried other transcriber progs. yours is definately the best and most stable - keep up the great work!"

"As a long-time recording engineer and producer but a new time guitarist, I I can only sing the highest praise for your software. I am starting to think that the reason I put off learning guitar for so long was that I lacked a learning tool such as the one you have created. There is literally nothing on the market that compares to what you have done."

"I just wanted to say that I just got Transcribe and I love it! I've only used it for slowing down percussion parts so far, but seems it handles the transients much better than some higher-end programs that I use, and it does it without having to process the file off-line."

"the latest version (5.20) is amazing.  This is without a doubt the best piece of music software I have ever purchased, no question!! I transcribe (or attempt to) rock keyboard (ELP, Boston, Genesis......uh, am I showing my age?) just because I've always wanted to know what those notes were!  This is an incredible tool and simply rocks on my 1GHz P3 - - never had a single crash or problem"

" By the way, Transcribe! is the most useful program I have ever used on my PC.  As a beginner it has helped me learn fingerpicking patterns I would not have even considered months ago."

"the reduced speed playbacks are the clearest of any of these programs I have tried"

"I think it is a stroke of genius. It has enabled me to figure out complex passages of music for the piano which otherwise would have taken me days, if at all, to do."

"Just wanted to say "what a wonderful piece of software"!!!! Absolutely love it. I downloaded it this afternoon, after seeing the review in MacUser and I transcribed two whole songs in the next two hours!"

"I really love Transcribe! A few years ago I was hoping that there was a product that did what Transcribe! does."

"Transcribe! is simply magnificent! One of the best programs I've ever bought. I'm a composer/arranger and have found it well designed, easy to use, and extremely helpful for all sorts of sound editing and manipulating use."

"Andy, your Transcribe program is probably the single most useful programs I have ever purchased. It keeps getting better with every upgrade."

"Despite the technical sophistication of this tool it is not at all geeky. Amazingly well put together. I do stuff like this for a living and I don't think I would have made such a nice interface."

"Transcribe is just doing what I have dreamt since 30 years"

"I love your software! It is by far the most useful tool I have ever encountered for learning new music."

"Transcribe is da bomb! Works great, reasonably priced. I really like it."

"Your Transcribe! is wonderful/essential."

"your software is a piece of art I can't do without"

"Transcribe! takes the cake! It is truly a gift from the Gods!! Bless you!!!"

"I tried several programs including Reed Kottlers Transkriber which was helpful but I much prefer Andy Robinson's Transcribe! because of the spectrum it displays. I find this considerably extends the usefulness of the several programs that only slow down audio files - especially when trying to untangle chords. Finding out wat chord is being played and, most importantly, what voicing is being used is far easier with Transcribe!'s analysis of all the frequencies that are being sounded at any slice in time."

"Your program is so excellent that the transcriptions practically do themselves."

"Brilliant. There is no question why you are the premier product in your field. I love it."

"Great job! You know, this is one of the most useful programs I own . . .You guys have got it right."

"Transcribing is something that I always dreaded having to do. Now I am actually looking for solos to transcribe."

"I have demo'ed a lot of other "slow down" programs, and none that I have tried even compare to yours"

"I got the tip about your great program from John-he was right, it is a huge time saver. Downloaded yesterday. Great job. I'm the editor of jazz music for Warner Bros. Publications."

"Thank YOU for the program. It's invaluable for figuring out these complex guitar pieces and very user-friendly."

"I just found, tried out, and sent in my registration for Transcribe. Great piece of software! The UI design is really nice; ideally suited for the task of transcribing."

"I dont want to go on about it too much but it really is a fantastic bit of software, I just wish I had it a few years ago when I was going through my "I want to play Charlie Parker tunes" phase."

"I really cant say enough great things about your app, I have already used it to figure out a LOT of bebop licks (really fast Cannonball Adderly stuff, and transcriptions of walking bass lines). It is by far the best value out there in transcription software...and it hasn't crashed once on either my Mac or my PC. Keep up the great work!"

"As a musician who for 20 years has learnt music by ear (as well as dots) I think transcibe is as revolutionary as the recording walkman! Congratulations! It is a truly useful tool and very easy to use."

"I've had Transcribe for maybe a little over a month and have worked out most of this one song from a CD that I didn't think I'd ever figure out. And, frankly, it means so much more to have worked it out myself (with your program, of course)."

"As an arranger I've had to do much transcription, and in fact am working on a rush job right now. I had no idea about your program. I couldn't wait for the download to finish so I could try it out. So far it's a GIFT FROM HEAVEN. I'm anxious to try out all its other features."

"This is the f****n' greatest music learning/transcribing tool I have ever encountered, and I've tried a lot of devices for transcribing . . . Transcribe! stomps these old technologies into oblivion"

"I purchased your transcribe software last year. I love it. It's an amazing program."

"This is a great piece of software. Thanks very much for working it out."

"I just registered Transcribe and after using it for a while now, I must say it is the best $30 I have spent on my music! This program does everything I would want and has all the features I would like. I bought a hardware transcriber last year for $130 and it has half the features (and sound quality) as your software. In other words, this baby rocks!"

"Frankly, I'm blown away. While I notice that you're pitching it to jazz players amd guitarists, I can see an even greater application of it for those of us who play in folk styles on instruments like the violin. I'm really interested in Eastern European music, and Transcribe lets me hear some of the amazing micro-slurs and ornaments that pass the ear by at regular or even half speed, but that sound very distinct at quarter (or eighth, or sixteenth) speed. On one of my favorite Greek tunes, "Neos Konialis" (by Rita Abadzi, back in the 30's), I can even hear distinctly when her excellent violinist crosses strings and shifts. What a product! And easy to use."

"it blows the doors off the competition, both hardware-based and software-based, and is much less expensive than the hardware solutions."

"you have a WICKED piece of software, I absolutely adore it and have been able to figure stuff out that would have been heretofore nigh on impossible!"

"I really do find Transcribe invaluable at every stage of learning material; so the selection for looping and getting the solo notes is just one stage; another is selection for spectral analysis of chords. It takes quite some time to really suss out the voicings of some chords but this was an impossible task before. I have been recommending it widely."

"I was able to figure out stuff that I have been fooling around with for three decades . . . better than any Christmas present."

"was able to transcribe 8 bars of Joe Pass 16th note runs in under an hour....That's an amazing feat for me. I really recommend it!"

"I'll never have McLaughlin chops but at least I will know what he's playing."

"Dear founders of a perfect product Transcribe!" (from Lithuania)

"Speaking as a software engineer (which I am), this is the best slowdown/looper software I've seen to date."

"I love your Transcribe! program and use it daily (literally!) . . . I can't say enough great things about your program . . . It's no exaggeration to say I have never crashed while using Transcribe!"

"Great Software!"

"Love, Love, LOVE Transcribe!"

"Thanks again for your continued support of your application. I'm a (very) long term user and always make recommendations to my students to purchase and use Transcribe for their own home practice. Keep up the great work!"

"Thank you for all of the updates - excellent piece of software."

"my sincere gratitude to you for all the seamless and useful upgrades over the years!"

"Thank you for a great program."

"Great job on the software"

"Again, for me, Transcribe! is absolutely invaluable. I use it daily in a myriad different ways."

"I bought transcribe a couple of years ago and love it, I use it regularly."

"Thanks for the program, I love it!"

"I use Transcribe everyday - have been for YEARS!! I love Transcribe ... You have a phenomenal product."

"Thank you for the excellent software. I love Transcribe!"

"Your product is awesome. I cannot tell you how much I have used it constantly in my semi-professional music career."

"I love, love, LOVE Transcribe!"

"Just tried it. You are my hero."

"I have been using Transcribe forever, and I still use it constantly. I use the Linux version, and am so thankful you offer it for Linux!"

"I have been using Transcribe since the beginning and I wanted to thank you for creating this absolutely fabulous software!"

"First, thanks for such an awesome piece of software... I've been using it for almost two decades and it has been an amazing tool for me."

"I'm an ardent Transcribe-user. My gratitude for this real fantastic programme."

"By the way Transcribe is an excellent program and I use it daily"

"First of all, thanks for all your work on Transcribe, I use it all the time and it really helps me with my practice."

"I have a Transcribe licence for few years and use it regularly. It's the best tools for a musician. I manage Jazz en Provence and some workshop and recommend it for all students. The same for my drums students I ask to buy it."

"Fantastic software by the way, have been using it many years now, just incredible. I started playing guitar in the '60's, those days it was vinyl, had to lift the needle many times, and run the album on slower speeds then have to transpose the interpretation. I really appreciate your software."

"I bought Transcribe years ago and love using the program."

"Hi Andy Just purchased Transcribed as I caught a video of Justin Sandercoe mentioning it. I have only briefly dabbled for half an hour and have already worked out a guitar run that has bamboozled me for thirty odd years. This is an extraordinary program and I just wish it had been around when I first started playing in '82. Many thanks for the hours of fun this is going to provide for me. Bravo sir!"

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"For an academic project on Indian music, I recently had the need to batch process over 600 files in a folder hierarchy-to 50%-speed versions. I friend of mine at the university has done this for me, but the sound quality is nowhere near as good as that produced by Transcribe! playing the same files at half speed. A lot of artefacts. The music going in is not easy to process-my instrument, the sarangi, has 40 sympathetic strings that ring like crazy and the original recordings can be noisy, but Transcribe! does such a great job of this. I was impressed years ago that in fact Transcribe! did a better job at slowing down that Logic."

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"Thank you for your excellent and quick help! I downloaded the GStreamer according to the instructions in the Tranbscribe help and lo and behold, I can see the instrumentalists playing the melodies again. Thanks again Andy! Such fast and excellent support is probably not possible in Austria. Good luck with Transcribe!"

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"Searching for an alternative to "Riffstation" which I can't reinstall on my new computer, I found transcribe! And I'm bound to say: it's better! The soundquality is much more tranparent, the timestretch with less artefacts. The waveform-handling and looping works great."

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"Just sending a message to thank you for creating and continuing to update Transcribe. I originally bought a license probably 18 years ago, a long time ago, and I continue to use it nearly every day. I'm a freelance drummer, bass player and educator in NYC. While it's obviously useful for bass, I mainly use transcribe for practicing drums - the ability to loop phrases combined with the gradual speed increase/decrease is an insanely productive practice tool and your interface and ability to assign hotkeys makes the process so much easier than every other program I've tried. I've even used it extensively to prepare for performing on Broadway (subbed on Kinky Boots, Waitress and Tootsie). I actually don't know how I would have been able to prepare to the level I wanted without your program! So this is a giant thank you, using your software has made me a much better musician. It's truly an important part of my musical life."

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"Thank you. And thank you for making the update straightforward and easy - even for us old farts."

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