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Download Transcribe! for Windows

Please select the appropriate version of Transcribe! for your Windows version.

This is a self installing executable. Click to download the file. Once it is downloaded to your computer, double-click it to install Transcribe!

When installation is complete you can launch Transcribe! from the Start menu, or from the desktop icon if you selected that option during installation.

The current version of Transcribe! is for 64-bit Windows, but we have kept an older version available for people running 32-bit Windows. Most Windows 10 installations, and all Windows 11 installations, are 64-bit. To find out whether you have Windows 64-bit: Select Settings on the Start menu (the "gear" icon). On the Settings page that comes up, select "About", at the bottom of the list of items in the left column. This brings up an information page, and you will see a message saying "System type 64-bit operating system", or 32-bit of course. Or you can download the current Transcribe! version and try it. If you are running 32-bit Windows then the installer will tell you why it can't install it.

Windows 10 and 11, 64-bit

Click here to download Transcribe! version 9.41.2 for Windows 10 or 11, 64-bit

Windows 10, 32-bit

Click here to download Transcribe! version 8.80.1 for Windows 10, 32-bit

With this version of Transcribe! you may also want to download GStreamer, mainly if you want to handle video. Note that if you have already installed GStreamer then you don't need to install it again when you update Transcribe!
Click here for information about GStreamer.

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Click here to download Transcribe! version 8.40 for Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Please note we keep this Transcribe! version available for now, but you shouldn't really be running such ancient operating systems as Windows 7 or 8. Microsoft has ended suppport for these OS's so there will be no further security updates and your computer would be wide open to malware. You should update to Windows 10 or 11.

Microsoft support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020.

Microsoft support for Windows 8.1 ended on January 10, 2023.