Seventh String Software

Transcribe! History - version 8.20 Release Notes, released 23 Aug 2011

-- Piano Roll view of note guesses (by popular request).
   This displays note guesses from left to right, time-aligned with
   the waveform view. On some kinds of material this can be very
   useful, on other material not so useful.
   You can also get a popup menu showing chord guesses at any
   point, and choose a chord guess to insert as a new text block
   in the text zone.
   There is a new "PianoRoll" main menu and you can read all about
   it in Help - Menus - Piano Roll.

   What I have *not* done is any attempt at standard notation or
   tablature. My view on this remains as it always has been, that
   a partial implementation would just be frustrating (How do I
   format pages for printing? How do I do headers/footers? How do
   I do repeats / triplets / grace notes / multiple staves? And
   so on) while a full implementation is a major project in its
   own right. And plenty of such projects already exist, so use

-- You can now adjust a selection merely by clicking near the end,
   or drag the whole selection around by clicking in the middle.
   Press the shift key if you don't want this to happen. The cursor
   shape will tell you what's going to happen.
   Also, double-click will always collapse the selection regardless.
   This all seems rather more intuitive to me, than the old way when
   you had to use the shift key to extend a selection.

-- Gradual speed up (by popular request).
   You'll find this on the Play menu. This is for people who are
   using Transcribe! for play-along practice. It causes Transcribe!
   to play repeatedly with gradually increasing speed. Wear safety
   goggles, a hard hat, and protective footwear.

-- Tweaked handling of QuickTime videos so some videos may now play and
   export which didn't work before. If you still have a video which
   doesn't work or has jerky playback, please see the FAQ as before.

-- Mac: Lion (10.7) compatibility. In fact version 8.10 is already
   compatible, but I thought I'd mention it here as people keep
   asking. If you have a mousewheel then you will notice that it
   works in the opposite direction. This is a Jobsian decision,
   if you don't like it then go to System Preferences - Mouse
   and uncheck the box saying "Move content in the direction of
   finger movement..."

-- Linux:
   - We are now building on Ubuntu 10.04, meaning that more recent
      library versions are required. However we will keep the previous
      version 8.10 available, for those using older distros.
   - We now offer separate 32 bit and 64 bit builds for Linux.
   - requires GTK 2.18 or later.
   - requires GStreamer 0.10.28 or later.
   - GStreamer allows reading many sound & video formats we couldn't
   - GStreamer allows video playing.
   - We use GStreamer for sound input (see the Help for Record New
      Sound File) and output (see the Help for Preferences - Playback).
      This allows maximum flexibility since GStreamer has modules for
      inputting and outputting sound via pulse, jack, alsa, etc.
   The current version is 8.20.2 which is intended to be compatible
   with Ubuntu 11.04 both Classic and Unity modes.

-- Control (or Command on Mac) + mouse wheel now zooms in and out,
   like many other apps.

-- Mac: should now be better at remembering which MIDI input device
   you are using, when you have more than one.

-- Fit Whole File now remembers the previous horizontal zoom and
   position, and restores it when "fit whole file" is turned off.

-- Windows: fixed bug in scroll bar scaling going wrong when
   using Windows 7 "Aero resize".

-- When closing an unsaved transcription, the "Would you like to save"
   dialog is now of the standard type ("Save" / "Don't Save") with
   the standard shortcuts.

-- New commands PlayFromStart, PlayFromNamedMarker, PlayFromSeconds
   for playing from the specified place without changing the current
   point or selection. These are for configuring as keyboard shortcuts
   or in scripts if you want to.

-- You can now adjust the sliders in the lower toolbar by clicking
   on the icons at either end of the slider.

-- New option in Preferences - Fret Display, whether to show fret
   info when you right-click (control-click on Mac) the Piano.

-- New option for Text Blocks : adjust text block width to fit the text.

-- You can right-click (control-click on Mac) on the chord guessing
   box in the spectrum view, for a popup menu to insert chords into
   the text zone.

-- It could sometimes happen that rapid twiddling of the mousewheel,
   or of a midi continuous controller, could cause a logjam of
   messages to build up, resulting in a delay while they were
   handled. This should be ok now.

-- Various other minor bugfixes and changes.

-- The price has been reduced to $39 (was $50)! Of course I realise
   that most of the people reading this have already bought it, but
   anyway... tell your friends!