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Transcribe! History - version 8.41 Release Notes, released 27 Sept 2014

Transcribe! version 8.41 for Mac.

This is a special bugfix release for Mac, to fix some minor but irritating issues
that have cropped up due to changes Apple have been making in OS 10.9 and the
forthcoming 10.10.

- Fixed display glitches affecting Retina displays (the play position indicator
would leave a grey trace behind it - you might have thought it was supposed to,
but it wasn't).

- It was sometimes necessary for the user to switch off Apple's new "App Nap"
feature, or Transcribe! would stop responding to foot pedals after a while.
It should no longer be necessary to do this.

- It sometimes happened that Transcribe!'s windows did not come to the front
properly when launching the app, and it was necessary to click the Transcribe!
dock icon. This should no longer be necessary.

- I've also fixed a bug in Export Split Sound File which caused the initial
section not to be exported if the first section marker was at the very beginning
of the track. This bug still affects Windows & Linux versions but doesn't
seem important enough to deserve an update just for that. The workaround is very
simple, just move the first section marker slightly away from the very beginning.