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Transcribe! History - version 8.70 Release Notes, released 12 June 2017

This release is fairly minor, but is needed to fix a significant bug sometimes affecting video export, and also a Linux issue.


- Video Export: fixed bug causing some video exports to have a weird warbly sound (actually caused by excessive audio compression).

- Mac: although Transcribe! 8.6 abandoned many obsolete technologies, there was one which slipped through the net. We have now abandoned the Carbon Component Manager for hosting Audio Units (deprecated since OS 10.11), in favour of the current AudioUnit API's.

- Added a Preference (off by default) to go to sleep after a specified number of minutes of inactivity to reduce power consumption. Once sleeping, you may find that Transcribe! will not respond to some events such as pedals, until you click on the window to wake it up. Note the Help Viewer and Video Viewer windows also use processing power and are not affected by this feature.

- When you use <spacebar> in the Fx window to bring the main window to the front, it will now trigger the command currently configured for the spacebar. Previously it always triggered PlaySpacebar, which would be wrong if you had changed the command triggered by the spacebar.

- New command PlaySpacebarDelayStart which will start playback after a delay, to give you time to prepare yourself before playback starts. You will need to program a keyboard command to use it - see the Help for "Playback start delay" in Preferences - Playback.

- New command RecentFilesClearNoVeto (you will need to program a keyboard command to use it).

- Linux: we would crash if your distro defaults to the Wayland compositor (because we require X11). This should now be fixed as we request the X11 back end regardless of what the default might be. This applies, e.g, to Fedora 25.