Seventh String Software

Transcribe! : Reissuing Lost License Keys

Ok, so the 2Checkout/Avangate automatic system didn't find your key.

In that case it may be possible for us (Seventh String) to search the database manually to find your order. Please note, however...

1: This page has nothing to do with downloading the software.
This page is just about reissuing lost license keys. To download the software, visit the Download page.

2: We don't promise to reissue lost keys at all.
If we do reissue your key then look after it this time, back it up in a safe place not on your computer. Because every hard disk dies one day (or is lost or stolen or encrypted by ransomware).

3: If you already have a license key then you don't need another.
License keys issued for any version 7 or 8 release will work for all version 7 or 8 releases (as long as it's the same platform - Windows / Mac / Linux).

Click here if you want to proceed with requesting a reissued key.